Corona Virus Quarantine Day #61: Small things with Great Joy! May 19, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine: Day #61: Field Day Prep! May 19, 2020

Today was a good day overall.  We had a busy morning but in the afternoon things slowed down and the sun came out.  We kayaked, went fishing and went for several walks with Gigi.

The kids played kickball and tag with their cousins and we planned for the upcoming day.  A lot of buzz in our house about tomorrow.

Tomorrow would have been the kids last day of school…technically it would have been their field day.  This is the day in grade school many kids live for!  I know my kids do.

Tonight they started making lists of activities we could do tomorrow at home to have a field day here.


This is what we came up with!  My favorite activities are “work out” and “volleyball”.

I like their creativity and I am hopeful that tomorrow is as fun as they think it will be.

Finley wants to play basketball…and let’s be honest, he only picked me because I asked the question…but I will take it!

Just for the record…jumping in the pond will NOT be happening!  

Volleyball…my heart!  I can make that happen!

I had to interrupt the reading to get an answer but I did like her answer!

I was also reminded today to do small things with great joy.  I have always tried to do this but I’ll be honest at times during this quarantine and I’m sure before (just feel like I can’t remember before) the monotony of a day, sometimes a very long day…gets me.

For instance, it happened tonight when reading books with Fletcher. I’ve been trying to get Fletcher interested in reading the books himself or identifying sight words.  He has resisted…shocking, I know.  He wants mommy to read them with voices and songs and all the rest.  So tonight, I was feeling very tired.  I was not excited to read/sing “Pete the Cat 12 Days of Christmas” or “Pete the Cat Rocking in my School Shoes” for the 3,000th time.  But man…tonight, he surprised me and he started reading with me.

He reads is just like me!  I love it!  When he says “Goodness no!”  Oh man. I almost lost it.  So stinking cute.

I cannot really put into words how awesome that moment was.

I know it’s easy to take for granted the simple things like reading our kids a book at night. I have really tried to not do that.  I know too many people that don’t have that opportunity and would love to more than just about anything.  So I feel like it would be selfish of me to take it for granted in my house.  Besides, I once thought I’d never get the chance to do it either.

Most days I do a good job of finding joy in the little things.  I’d say in the most recent weeks, I haven’t done these little things, read books, cook with the kids, swing them on the swings quite as joyfully as I did 6 weeks ago.  Can I blame the quarantine?  I think so!

But tonight…Fletcher reading along with me with his sweet, little voice was a great reminder that even though the little things we do sometimes seem like they go unnoticed or unappreciated or are not having the effect we want them to…we will eventually see the fruits of our labor if we are just patient.  I have especially found that with kids, because we are creating a masterpiece, me must be very patient.  Masterpieces take time.

I can’t promise Fletcher will want to read along with me tomorrow.  But I can promise I will never forget how happy he was when he did it tonight.  And I can promise that tomorrow I will work harder to do all the small things with great joy.


I think this girl could live in her room reading or out on the kayak.  Ellen Anne loves her peaceful activities.


Someone’s excited First Communion got rescheduled.  She’s put on her dress everyday.  So sweet!

Now…off to plan field day!







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