Corona Virus Quarantine: Slow down Sunday: May 17, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #59: Slow down Sunday May 17, 2020

Guest writer is none other than the smart, sweet and spectacular Fiona Bell Dorsey (8 years old):

So today we had church on the computer.  Church on the computer is nice because I get to snuggle in a blanket and real church is kinda cold.  I don’t like that I can’t see people get communion so I can learn for my real communion.  If quarantine time wasn‘t happening I would have already had my communion and I’d get it at mass.  I am being patient about it but I want to try the bread and wine.  Today they scheduled my communion for June 20th, one month.  I am really excited.  The stinky part about it is we have to wear masks and our siblings can’t come.  Also, I won’t get to sing anymore.  I was excited for that.  We spent a lot of time outside again. Jimmy, Grandma and Petey came over today.  First I went fishing and I didn’t catch any today.  Then we went to the barn and I played volleyball with mom.  We did some hard drills.  I like the hard drills because it makes me get better.  I want to be a volleyball player when I grow up.  We got to try Ellen’s homemade ice cream today.  It was minty, chocolately good and amazing!  I put a lot of toppings on!  I hope we make it again soon.  I want to make the peanut butter ice cream next but Finley doesn’t like it so we probably won’t, sadly.  Then we went on a walk with Gigi to the pond.  She is crazy by the pond, she’s actually a good swimmer.  She tries to get on the kayak sometimes and then when we get far away from the side she jumps off and gets scared. I really want to save up for a see through glass bottom kayak.  It’s like $2,000, so I’m going to be saving for a long time.  We watched the movie Sonic tonight.  The guy with the mustache is really obsessed with machines and the police officer guy is funny.  Sonic is the most funny.  He’s so fast and talks really fast too!  He’s really funny.  I feel like the corona virus has been going on for like 2 years.  I feel that way because it’s been so long I’ve been away from my friends.  I used to get to play with them everyday at school and I really miss seeing my teacher. I do like that I don’t have to wake up at 5am to get to school and I like being home with my family (for the record they do NOT get up that early for school). Today I am thankful for cousins, Gigi, mom and dad, siblings, food, water, medicine, gummies and healthiness.

Love, Fiona

Yesterday was a fully packed, super fun day.  We were outside most of the day, exercised a lot, laughed a lot, played a lot and went to bed late.  This morning all of those things were quite evident.  Everyone had a Saturday fun day hangover.

Too much fun for one day I guess.  So today, we went at a different speed.  We did online “puter” mass as Fletcher calls it, took the dog for a walk, fished a little bit and had a light lunch.

Grateful Gaga felt well enough to join us for “puter” mass!  I couldn’t resist the urge to take a photo of these two snuggling. When I was Ellen’s age she would scratch my arm at mass just like she did to Ellen this morning.  

Shortly after lunch Grandma, Jimmy and Petey (our cousins) dropped by so that was awesome.  We got to play basketball in the gym, pickle ball and the girls and I played volleyball.  It’s always nice to have somebody new drop by.  During quarantine we’ve virtually spent all of our time with each other and it’s a pleasant surprise when we get to spend time with someone different.

The kids all love their cousins so much so it was a nice change of pace and gave us a little extra energy on this sleepy Sunday afternoon.

When they left we did have a super uncharacteristic late afternoon snack. Sweet Ellen got a soft serve ice cream maker for her birthday and she had waited patiently to make it for everyone.


This sweet girl was pretty excited to try her new birthday present! 

Homemade ice cream at 3pm…Why not?  She was so excited.  She chose mint ice cream and it was quite the hit.  All of the kids liked it except for Cooper.  He wasn’t a fan…next time we are going to try Lemon Sorbet something more up his alley.

Homemade ice cream for all!

After playing in the barn and walking the dog yet again Bryan and I realized that tonight was a perfect night for an early movie.  This isn’t something we typically do as we always prefer the kids to be moving rather than sitting but it was clear we were all spent. Quarantine is less busy in some ways but strangely busier in others.  I guess because we can’t really go anywhere we feel the need to be doing something productive at all times…and quite frankly, that’s exhausting.

So today it hit us all on the same day.  Sonic the Hedgehog for the win!  We started watching, paused briefly to eat dinner and picked it back up afterwards.

It was a cute movie and when it was over, no one argued about going up to bed.  Even the kids knew it was a good day for an early bedtime.

As I write this everyone is in bed and I plan to head there next.  I’m grateful today for the ability to slow down.  Something we don’t usually have.  I miss seeing people, I miss being in my classroom, I miss being in the gym and I am struggling with the uncertainty of when things will go back to normal…but I am very grateful for my family and the ability to spend all of this time with my favorite humans.

GOD is good.

Love that these two can now sit on the ground together and not fight. Baby steps to making the sweet puppy more of a normal dog!  




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