Corona Virus Quarantine Day #56: Drive-by birthday’s, graduations and all things positive: May 15, 2020

#57: The era of drive by birthday’s/graduations…well…everything. May 15, 2020

We now live in a totally different world.  Today while I taught my last official class of the semester (next week we give finals) our 5-year-old son when to a drive by graduation where his pre-school teacher rode by on a golf cart.  The kids were supposed to stay at their car (good luck with that).  Even though I was unable to attend, I hear our Fletcher was the first to break that social distancing rule. Ellen said that the minute he saw Mrs. Megan, his teacher, he went straight for the hug.  Can’t say I’m surprised.  Fletcher was in high HEAVEN.  His siblings helped him make a hat, he wore an old robe of Cooper’s and of course he had his signature pink snow boots on.


Creating the graduation hat!  He was styling for sure!

GOD bless these human who made Fletchy his own graduation hat.  He was pretty excited!

His outfit though…


Fletcher made his teachers books….be still my heart!

Bryan said he was the happiest little boy and kept requesting that the car bark (aka honk).

I was so looking forward to the pre-school graduation show as these sweet little 5-year-olds wear cap and gown and sing songs.  We missed Fiona’s because we were at a family wedding and now we won’t get Fletcher’s either.  In the grand scheme of things…it’s no big deal really but it’s just one more casualty in this war we call Covid-19.  I feel for these senior parents who want to celebrate their kid surviving high school (easily some of the most challenging years of their parenting life) and that celebration is pending or maybe even cancelled indefinitely.  I’m talking about a 5-year-old and I’m disappointed.  #perspective

In the same day the kids experienced another drive-by birthday…this time for their cousin Hunter.

Again, weird times we are living in…but there is something pretty incredible about these drive by birthday’s.  A way to help everyone quarantined to feel appreciated and loved.


“social distancing” before the drive-by…is really hard for children.

But also a way for the rest of us to feel connected…Something I think is underrated during these challenging times.

I was on a zoom call yesterday with volleyball coaches where we talked about mental health and how we as coaches can help the mental health of our athletes.

There is no easy answer, but several threads were repeated and common and I thought I’d share…1. Exercise. 2. Write a gratitude journal, 3. Sleep (getting some kind of regimented sleep is critical to our overall mental health) 4. Social connection (drive-bys are good for this at this time of social distancing) and 5. Random acts of kindness.

I could not identify more with this list. I am my most happy when I am doing things for other people.  To me that is social connection and random acts of kindness mixed into one.  If I don’t have a project or a cause I feel lost.  Sleep for me is a foregone conclusion, I try…but I fail…regularly.  Other than that…though, this list speaks to me.  I love to exercise more than just about anything.  I gain patience for my day 5 minutes into my workout.  I feel better about myself and overall I have a more positive attitude if I got my exercise in before the day begins in our house.  I have always been a social being. I thrive on human connection. I miss it.  I told my class today I miss hugs.  Of all the things we can no longer do, I feel the awkwardness of not being able to just hug those (outside my own house) that I want so badly to hug.  I spend time every night cataloging the things I’m grateful for.  The list is long.

So in this era of social distancing and the difficulties that come with it….if you are struggling… You are not alone. If you have been inpatient with anyone…you are not alone. If you are frustrated…you are not alone.  If you feel like you could be doing more at work or at home or maybe even both…you are not alone.

But as I told a dear friend tonight.  We are crushing it.  Truly.  Do your kids feel your love each day? Then you are a success. Are you accomplishing work while at home? Then, you are a success.

Stop being so hard on yourself (This is as much to me as to anyone else). This is hard.  On everyone.  So say an extra prayer, write in a gratitude journal, try to get a good nights sleep and wake up and exercise and tomorrow will be a better day!






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