Corona Day Quarantine Day #56: Attitude of Gratitude: May 14, 2020

Corona Day Quarantine Day #56: Attitude of Gratitude: May 14, 2020

Tonight my guest writer is the 5 year old Fletcher Matthew Dorsey

Today was the best day.  School was good I did it for like 1 minute.  I am getting good at writing my name so it doesn’t take long.  My brothers and sisters and I went hunting for worms.  The worm hunt was awesome.  We picked up heavy rocks and I found a bunch of big juicy worms.  I liked doing that so much.  I save the worms.  I don’t hurt them.  We went kayaking. I like to kayak, I like to go on it with Finley.  I wish we could swim in the pond.  That would be awesome.  Gigi went swimming it was so good.  She got dirty so we gave her a bath in the front yard.  We rode our bikes too.  We had a beautiful night.  The corona virus is really bad and I don’t want Gaga to get it.  Today I am thankful for Gaga.  I really love Gaga.

Love, Fletcher

*These are his words.  The highlight for me was “we had a beautiful night”

Fletcher’s musings about his worm saving abilities.

Mom’s thoughts:

Today was a great day on many levels.  I had some frustrations today but who doesn’t right?  Either way I want to focus on the awesome of the day so here it goes.

I was able to make my kids a healthy and delicious breakfast and I didn’t have to rush out the door immediately or yell at them to get dressed.


This was at lunch…but whatever.  It’s too cute not to post!

I was able to accompany my mom to the doctor’s office and help her get answers to the problems she’s having right now.  We had precious alone time in the car to talk and I was able to vent to her about said frustrations.  While I wish we were going to get a pedicure instead of a diagnosis it was still beautiful time together with one of my favorite humans.

I was able to play at the pond with the kids for hours.  We kayaked, ran around the pond with the dog and watched her swim.

Kayaking and puppies swimming in the pond!  

Fletcher did somersaults down to the pond.  That was a highlight!  

The kids and I gave the dog a bath in our driveway.  A hose, some baby shampoo and now I have a clean puppy!

These kids love their dog.  She loves them too when she isn’t trying to bite their arm off!  Mommy is so ready for that puppy nipping to stop!

I went on a very successful worm hunt with my favorite humans.  Hearing them scream with joy when I picked up a large rock and dozens of worms were underneath is a noise I won’t soon forget.

Worm hunt photos and a bucket of “big, juicy worms”

I watched my kids play a board game together on our back deck while I was in a meeting.

I watched Finley play catch with is brother while Fletcher said things to him like “pitcher got a big butt”.  So damn funny.  Finley almost fell down.


Playing baseball like a boss…and yes he’s in pajamas and winter boots that he insists on wearing everyday!

I got to meet with my former college coach and several other coaches locally to discuss this pandemic and how we can do more for our kids.  I love problem solving with like minded people so much.  It made me feel full.

I ate dinner with the kids and they ALL helped clean the kitchen.  Not sure why we didn’t do it this way sooner it’s so much faster.  Up until today one kid did the kitchen after each meal.  It took way too long and I ended up doing most of the work. Tonight with everyone helping we got it done so much faster.


The new way to crush the dishes…everyone helps at one time instead of one person per meal.  Many hands make light work was quite true here!  

I chatted via text with colleagues who made me laugh my frustrations away.

I had one uninterrupted conversation with my husband, my best friend.

A few of my former athletes texted me thank you today.

I am healthy.  My husband is healthy. My kids are healthy.

My amazing husband hung up all of the NFL logos in the boys room tonight after a very long day at work and the boys are beyond excited.

His precision astounds me!

The girls both had zoom calls for school today and were so excited to see their teachers and friends.  It warmed my heart that during this weird time they find joy in that.

So while things will happen each day to every one of us that will upset us, disappoint us, maybe even make us sad…but there is always…always something to be thankful for!

Thank you GOD for reminding me of that tonight.

GOD bless!




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