Corona Virus Quarantine Day #55: Respect

Corona Virus Quarantine: Day #55: Respect

It’s been a good day overall in the Dorsey household. The kids schooled, planned their next “show”…I hear it’s going to be “Under the Sea”, we played in the barn, in the yard and even played a few board games.  It was a day like most others.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach and train my own children.  I’m thankful for this time alone with them.


Fletcher even gave Gigi a haircut so that’s fun.  Thankfully her hair is curly so you can’t really tell but if you look at the top of her head…it’s definitely there.  He was pretty proud of his work.  Too bad he didn’t give himself one…he could really use one and refuses to let us do it!

I read a post today about everything that is going on in our world and it really struck a cord with me.  The basis of it, was respect.  Respect others for their opinions.  Some people may want to wear a mask, others may think it’s ridiculous or unnecessary and BOTH are entitled to their opinion.  The basis of this article was that regardless of where you stand on Covid-19, respect other people’s decisions.

Some people will have to go to work because financially it’s necessary.  Others can continue to work from home.  Some people will send their kids to day care.  To other people the thought of day care is horrifying.

In my life I can say with absolute certainty that I’ve been on both sides of “controversial” situations.  For example, when I first got all three of the triplets home it was July.  It’s hot in July but because they were so small and born so early the doctors recommended we keep them in hats and onesie PJ’s with feet.  They also recommended very strongly that we not allow a lot of people near them and if they came into our house they needed to remove their shoes and wash their hands before handling the kids.  The did not want other kids to come in contact with them, particularly toddlers.  Finally, they urged us to keep them on their very strict eat every 4-hour schedule and the two nap times they had acquired in the hospital.

I am a schedule oriented person and when you come home with 3 infants without a schedule…you will not survive.  So I was strict on these things. Super strict.  Later we would joke that the triplets were homebound (much like right now) for the first year of their life.

When a doctor, who specializes in babies that are born pre-term tells you that RSV would be a death sentence to your little baby that you love more than anything that’s ever lived or breathed… you keep them home, you follow their instructions regardless of what people think of it.

I’m here to tell you, I got judged all the time.  I was the “over the top, ridiculous, annoying” mom and some people didn’t hide their disagreement with how I handled this very well.

While at times it graded on my nerves and at times my heart…I knew that I had to trust what the doctors were telling me and it was my job above all else to keep those kids safe.  I also knew in my heart those people meant well.  They just wanted to spend time with me and my kids and didn’t get my side of the story.

Nevertheless I don’t regret one decision I made.  Not one.  Bryan and I protected those kids and made sure they made it to their first year of life without getting the flu or RSV and kept them safe from people and places that could potentially be dangerous to their development.  I never and I do mean never strayed from their schedule and that meant we missed family events, or fun outings, but I didn’t care. The people who were frustrated with me or didn’t understand why I couldn’t miss a nap time didn’t have 3 babies at one time.  It wasn’t their place to judge me but yet I wished they would stop doing it or making me feel guilty for trying to do what was best for my kids.  Many of these people were good intentioned.  They just didn’t get it from my perspective.  How could they?

I was reminded of that time in my life so much when I read this post.

Everyone has a different opinion on what the best course of action here is.  Open the economy, don’t open the economy.  Start school, don’t start school…the examples of potential arguments in this scenario are endless.

I don’t have COVID-19…thank GOD.  No one in my immediate circle has it…again, thank GOD.  I am hopeful that because we take the necessary precautions to stay safe that we won’t get it.  As a result of this, I cannot understand the immediacy someone with Type 1 Diabetes or Asthma may feel about wearing a mask in public or about avoiding social gatherings.  I’m not in that situation so I won’t judge their opinions and I hope they won’t judge mine.

Everything we know and love about our normal lives is currently in question. For example, will schools open in the fall?  Will we ever be able to go to a movie theater again and not feel stressed out about the crowds of people or the cleanliness of the seat you are sitting in?  Will youth sports continue and if so, when?

I want answers to all of these questions.  As an educator and a coach I have been involved in many conversations as of late about what the fall looks like or how we hold camps or when the school year will start.  The bottom line is…we don’t know.

I don’t know when we will know.  But I do know this.  If we are going to survive this pandemic as people, we have to be kind, understanding and respectful of people’s opinions on the topic.

I pray our nations leaders figure out a way to keep our economy and schools open and keep people safe.  I have to believe that those that chose a life of public service are dedicating all their time and resources to making that happen. If you chose to believe differently, that’s your prerogative.  I pray one day to not hear the words social distancing or distance learning or COVID-19, but until that time, please, let’s show each other a little respect and understanding.


Ellen made herself name signs, one more colorful and beautiful than the next!  

Fletcher is always excited to put together one of his dinosaur puzzles.

Fiona and her art project melting crayons on a canvas.  

The room transformations continue in quarantine as Daddy got the basketball logos up in the boys room. Tomorrow…the NFL logos on the other wall.  Two boys in our house are pretty excited.  Fletcher walked into the room and said “wow that looks beautiful.”  His adjective use is quite spectacular!  

Stay well my friends!






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