Corona Virus Quarantine: Mother’s Day: May 10, 2020


Corona Virus Quarantine Day #52: Mother’s Day: May 10, 2020

Kicking it a little different today since it’s supposed to be a Mother’s Day right…so we will hear just a little from everyone about the highlights of their day and what they are grateful for.

Finley Joe: Today’s highlights were going to our cousin’s house and celebrating Mother’s Day and playing kickball and capture the flag.  It was also fun to be outside with our family on our roller blades.  I think it’s really cool that mom has roller blades and now she can do it with us.  Today I am thankful for our barn, my house, a lot of cousins, mom and dad, Gaga and the outside to play in.

Ellen: The highlights of day were seeing my cousins and my family since we haven’t seen them in so long.  We had fun playing kickball and capture the flag.  My other highlight was spending time with Mommy, especially roller blading. It’s so cool that she has them now.  Today I am thankful for my family, cousins, pets, books, GOD, our house, the barn, food and water.

Fiona: Today’s highlights were seeing my cousins and eating and playing with them and making a craft with my Aunt Jill.  Today I am thankful for my mother for Mother’s day and cousins and hospitals because they are taking care of my Gaga.

Fletcher: My highlight of the day was seeing my cousin Zeke.  I love him and he loves me.  We rode in a car all around his yard.  It was awesome.  I also liked riding my bike when my mom was roller skating.  That was awesome too!  The other part of my day that was awesome was kissing Mr. Scott’s pig.  She is my aunt and I love her. Today I am thankful for my mommy and my Gaga. (These are his words…he is convinced the neighbors pet pig is his aunt and he has to go see her everyday because she loves him so much).

My phone died and I missed the really good video of the kissing but this will have to do!


These two love each other… a lot!  Trouble x’s 2!

Bryan: The highlight of my day was the few times today I got to talk to Nancy uninterrupted for a few minutes.  I loved watching Nancy roller skate with the kids, and watch the movie with the kids.  Today I am thankful for my wife and a healthy family.  I am grateful that Nancy worked today on Mother’s Day just like it was any other day.  I am thankful that Nancy is willing and able to play with the kids, that Nancy is able to cry at movies so easily and that our kids are so much like their mom.

Mommy: The highlight of my day is hard to pinpoint.  I think the best part was waking up to a house full of people I love.  The only down side was that Gaga wasn’t here which was pointed out to me at least 100 times.  Is Gaga coming home today?  No guys…I’m sorry.  This was the first Mother’s Day in the last 10 years I haven’t spent with my mom.  I know it could be tremendously worse so I am super grateful that she will be home soon and hopefully with a  diagnosis and some kind of treatment plan.  I know not everyone is so lucky.  Another highlight was when one of our former volleyball players contacted me asking if she could help in anyway since she was working at Olathe Med where mom is currently residing.  I have always preached about our SJA volleyball program becoming a family and today she reminded me about the importance of that.  I needed to get Mother’s Day cards and a normal lunch to Gaga and I didn’t want her to have to wait to get it for 5 hours like she did the last time stuff was dropped off for her…so I called Audrey Wenski and asked her if she’d be willing to meet me, get the bag of goodies and deliver it to Gaga.  Her response “absolutely”.  Our SJA volleyball family never ceases to amaze me (more on that tomorrow).  My mom was so excited to eat her Panera chicken noodle soup, read her cards and visit with Audrey.  It gave me great comfort to know that my mom got to spend even a few minutes with someone she knew and who cared about her well being.  GOD is good.  A huge thanks to Audrey for being so willing to help!  Another highlight was my present…roller blades.  I used to love to rollerblade all around town with my college roommate but it’s been legitimately about 20 years since I’ve been on them.  It was a little shaky at first…but once the roller rink tunes were being played…I was back in my prime.  The kids thought it was the best thing ever that I was on these things and wanted me to try all sorts of dangerous things.  Ummmm…no!  Mommy isn’t the spring chicken she once was and I really don’t want to fall on concrete, so I played it safe but man was it fun!  Another highlight was watching the kids play with their cousins they haven’t seen since the Super Bowl.  They have missed these family gatherings and they were able to play outside for hours.  Thanks goodness!  Finally, I am thankful to be married to a man that appreciates me and all that I do.  We are a good team and he is really the best man I’ve ever known.  Cheesy?  Maybe…but also true and I have never shied away from cheese.  Finally, if you haven’t watched the movie Secretariat…make it happen. It’s incredible for so many reasons.  If you are anything like me you will identify with Penny, the horse owner and you will cry when she achieves her goal!  It was a hit with the kids too!  Mostly, on this day I am grateful that GOD gave me the enormous privilege of being a mom to Finley, Ellen, Cooper, Fiona and Fletcher, Zoey and Gigi (yes, our fur babies count) and that he gave me the best partner in parenting I could ever ask for.

As I told the kids tonight…being their mom is my favorite.  They are all unique in their own way but good LORD are they spectacular.

Some highlights in photo:

Roller blading like a boss.  An old boss but nevertheless!

Kickball with the cousins!  

Cousin time!

Church snuggles. Fletcher sat on Finley’s lap for quite some time.  Ugh…my heart!

Me and my Fletchy!


Fiona with her craft and her crazy Uncle Brent wearing it as an earring!  Me, Bryan and our Moose!

Finished the night with a Disney sing along!

I hope all you mom’s out there got spoiled the way I did.








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