Corona Virus Quarantine Day #45: This Pity Party’s got to go! May 3, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #45: Pity Party: May 3, 2020

Today my guest writer is our handsome, smart and kind Finley Joe.

Today we had breakfast and then I went outside with the dog and played with her for awhile.  Then we watched church on the computer.  I like it better to go to the actual church for church but it’s been interesting watching it on the computer.  Fletcher was crazy today.

Then me, dad and Cooper went to the barn to shoot.  We each made like 50 shots then did 3-man partner shooting.  It was really fun and we do it a lot.  I also shot a lot on my own and did dribbling.  I am excited to play in a game again someday.  Then Mommy came to the barn and played volleyball with the girls and me and Cooper played a bit too.  I like getting to hit the best.  Mommy said I have a good approach.

Then we went back up to the house and I worked on my birthday cards for Cooper and Ellen.  Then we went back outside to ride the go kart and our bikes and played with Gigi.

For dinner I helped Daddy grill hamburgers and brats.  It was a fun experience and I hope I get to do it again.  Tonight we watched Back to the Future 2.  It’s a good movie and I can’t wait to see the 3rd one.

Overall the corona virus is bad because we don’t get to go anywhere or see our friends or go to school and mostly because it hurts people.  The good part is we have more time with our family, we have a lot more time to play outside because we aren’t sitting in school all day.  Those are the best parts.

Today I am thankful for our house, the barn, that we live in the country so we can play outside a lot and we aren’t in a neighborhood where we wouldn’t have as much space, and that we are all healthy.

Love, Finley

I’m gonna keep it super real today and tell you that I’m not having a great day.  On paper, I had a great day, we did “puter” mass with the family and played in the barn for hours!  I even got to play volleyball with the girls for 90 minutes or so and then Fletcher wanted in.  It was super fun to see him “figure” it out and how the other kids cheered for him and supported him.  He was so excited.  I got to read my new favorite book “Hitler’s Secret” with my favorite history buff and I was able to sit out in the beautiful sun and watch the kids ride the go kart.

So why a bad day you ask?

Not sure.

I don’t know if it’s that I am uncertain of how I feel about things opening up in the coming weeks.  Not because I don’t think it’s time…I guess I am just uncertain because I have a responsibility to keep my mom safe and with things opening up, I’m not sure how I do that.

I know it’s time and that the economy really needs it…but I’m worried.  I am for sure a worrier by nature.  I work on that everyday.  Trust has been my word all year.  I need to put my trust in GOD and remember that I do NOT have control. HIS will will be done anyways, so who am I kidding?  I need to get over it…I will…don’t worry.  Just having one bad day in a string of really good days!

Maybe I’m having a bad day because Fletcher was a maniac at mass and the puppy was a nightmare too.  That was not my ideal start to the day.

Or maybe it was because I slept like garbage…

Maybe it was just my turn to since all the small humans in my house took their turn this week at one point or another.  Again…not really sure.

Today I just needed to be able to go in the bathroom and the second I sat down to not have someone scream “mommy”. I can’t pee without interruption!  I guess today I wanted like 12 minutes where I wasn’t in the be “everything to everyone” mom mode and I didn’t get those 12 minutes.

Make sense to anyone out there?  I’m certain it does.

At any rate it was a gross feeling, one I don’t feel very often…and I very much dislike it.  So I am sitting here admitting it to you so I can get over it.  Tomorrow I will go back to being joyful about being the everything to everyone person.  Most days that is what brings me great joy in this life, taking care of other people.  Today I was just off and cannot really explain it.  It was a good reminder to me that when one of the kids have an off day and they can’t explain it to just give them what they need.  In their case…that is usually attention, hugs and lots of smiles.

To be clear though…I had many moments of joy today.  Hearing the kids laugh, reading with Cooper, helping them with sports in the barn, eating a delicious dinner on the deck with my favorite people…all beautiful.

These moments of joy were a great blessing on a day where I just felt like a pile of poop.

I feel like I’m entitled to have an off day…we all are…but I HATE it.  I loathe it.  I don’t get to have bad days because too many people need me to be their person.

So, tomorrow will be a better day.  A great day even!  An awesome day!  Because I am surrounded by people who fill my cup each day and love me more than I deserve.


My entire mass experience consisted of this kid climbing on every square inch of my body being loud.  At one point he thought making a clicking noise in my ear would be something I’d enjoy.  Then when mass ended and I tried to get up…he wouldn’t let go of me. 

But then…be still my heart.  These two worked together in the gym for a long time, working on hard stuff, wearing their St. James and KU gear with their kneepads and their giant feet.  I cannot. handle. the. cuteness.  I hope to recreate this picture in about 6 years.  I should also mention Ellen’s kneepads are signed by Jenna Gray and Audriana Fitzmorris.  She must have told me 12 times.  Sweet soul! 

He sang the entire time.  He only stopped when he himself yelled “money ball”.  Just re-watching this right now improves my mood.  Finley stood next to him and helped him with his hands the entire time.

This the best I could get as I didn’t want them to know I was filming them…but the kids asked me to watch some of the Disney sing along with them after playing outside and in the barn all day.  You can see Fletcher’s tired eyes (did I mention he was up at 6:30?) but he and Fiona sang every word they knew.  Their sweet little voices are like medicine to my soul!


I’ll leave you with this.  Mr. Rogers was a very wise man and I think this sucker up here hits home today!

I wish you a good, great, awesome day tomorrow too!  If it’s not…that’s ok.  Allow yourself that day and remember what Mr. Rogers said!



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