Corona Virus Quarantine Day #44: Saturday’s! May 2, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #44: Saturday’s!  May 2, 2020

My guest writer today is the sweet, smart and talented Ellen…just days before her 10th birthday!

We started the day in the best way with a Koa Pancake House breakfast. The red velvet pancakes were my favorite. It was like being in Hawaii, which was awesome. Then we went on a bike ride.  We saw 6 snakes.  They were pretty big and it was super creepy.  Fletcher was always in the lead so we went slower than normal.  But he was pretty proud of himself because he rode his bike with no training wheels.  He kept yelling at us if we got in front of him, one time he stopped so we could scratch his back.  He was the boss today!


You can see two of the snakes heads popping out of the crack in the concrete here. There were four more down in the water.  Heck no!  

After the bike ride we came home and helped Daddy outside.  We moved rocks and sticks so he could mow between the trees.  Finley picked up a rock and there was an orange and black snake underneath.  It freaked us all out.  We also found a deer antler!  It was huge.  Fletcher was excited about it. Then I read some in my room before our water fight.

WpulDeer Antler

Wouldn’t be a day if we didn’t find a dead animal bone or remains on our adventures!  The boys wanted to bring it to their room!  

The water gun/balloon fight was fun!  Cooper went out first because he was sitting in a large bucket of water.  Finley and I were the last ones in. We had a one on one battle.  We each had our own bucket.  It was really fun.

Then we went kayaking.  Finley and I went in the realm of monsters.  It’s this cove of the pond that we are pretty sure snakes and creatures live in…we don’t want to go in there.  It was great to go kayaking!

Then I joined Fiona and painted a rock.  Mine is turquoise with polka dots and painted the word “hi” on it.  After that we went on the go kart.  I like to go fast.  Finley tries to take the wheel from me because he’s afraid I will flip the cart over.  The go karting was really exciting.

After dinner we watched “Help!  I shrunk my teacher!”  It was funny and then we got to see some of our Dorsey cousins on zoom.

Overall this was a really fun day.  I am really looking forward to my birthday this week.  I got a cool package from my friend today and that was super fun.  It’s a tye-dye shirt pack so mommy said we could do that soon.  The corona virus needs to end.  It’s been going on so long and it’s bad because it hurts people and I don’t get to see friends and play on my sports teams.  We would have had a soccer game today.  I do like that I get to spend more time outside than I used to than when I was sitting in school all day and I get to spend more time with my family.

Today I am thankful for my family, Zoey, Gigi, Cutie Pie, the barn, shelter and food!

Love, Ellen

Mommy’s notes:

Today could not have been a nicer day.  Our typical Saturday would have consisted of 3 soccer games and a baseball tournament…but not during quarantine.  We had the most full day.

In preparation for the triplet’s birthday I am planning some of their favorite things.  So today I made a Koa Pancake House breakfast.  Two years ago we were lucky enough to take our kiddos to Hawaii.  Bryan discovered the most amazing pancake house that fed all of us for under $40…in Hawaii! Such a steal.  They gave the most generous portions and the food was literally ready in 5 minutes and so delicious.  They also had guava juice which the kids fell in love with.

So today I recreated their favorite meal, red velvet pancakes…and Costco came through with the guava juice!  They are pretty excited to start their day that way.  I don’t care for pancakes so none for mommy but I was happy to make them this delicious breakfast in memory of one of our favorite place on Earth and one of our favorite vacations ever!  Hawaii!

After breakfast we went on a family bike ride, Fletcher was the “line leader”, which he reminded us of about 1,000 times and took very seriously.  That meant he had to be in front.  He was very excited to be on his big boy bike. He even wore his sister’s bike helmet!

We counted butterflies (73 in total), saw about 6 snakes (not my favorite part), snails, and Fiona and I pretended the creek was the ocean and that we were going on an early morning bike ride in Hawaii next to the water.

Those bike rides are some of my most favorite things, we have been able to go on so many more since this quarantine started…that’s for sure!

Fletcher was pretty excited to be the “line leader”!

Then we came home and had a full on water fight.  Water balloons and water gun galore.  The kids did this a lot longer than I thought they would, over an hour…but it was so fun to hear their laughter as they destroyed each other with their attacks. Mommy, Daddy and even Gigi got in on the action.  Gigi was not a fan…mommy wasn’t a huge fan of the freezing cold water either but it was all in good fun.  The things we do for our kiddos.

“I’m getting mommy!  Yep. Good times.  I was definitely holding my phone filming and I was already wet from the previous soaking!  

When everyone else had quit…these two continued for at least 30 minutes just battling each other!

Then Daddy took the kids kayaking!  I think Ellen had a word quota she needed to get in while on the kayak with Finley…she literally talked for 10 straight minutes without breathing.  GOD bless her sweet soul.  They are so excited for their birthday you can just feel the excitement mounting in our house.  I can remember that as a kid. There is nothing more special than getting to be celebrated all day.  In the Dorsey household I am a big believer in the birthday week and once you reach a certain age…you should be celebrated the whole month.  Why not?  We celebrate far less exciting things in the country than the day we were all born!

The kids painted rocks today as well as Mother’s Day presents for Gaga.  Very sweet that they thought of her and wanted to give her something they created.  I know she will love them.

After kayaking Cooper got a home quarantine haircut and we rode the go kart. The kids are getting more and more wild on that thing which makes mommy extremely nervous but there is a roll bar and a seat belt so that makes me feel better.  I think I have a real fear now that Fiona may want to be a race car driver.  She enjoys that thing way too much!


Fletcher loves to ride shotgun in Fiona’s very fast go kart!  If you could only bottle the laughter!

Before and after haircut photos. So handsome!

Then we played some baseball and headed in for dinner.  We were literally outside from 9-5 (if you are anything like me, you just started singing that song)…so after dinner we showered and headed downstairs to watch a movie.


Fletcher in true Fletcher fashion.  Playing baseball in his winter boots.  Good LORD help us.  Every time he caught one I’d say “baller” and he’d point to his shirt.  Such a ham.

It was an incredible fun and full day!

While I do miss sports and I love watching my kiddos compete I do not miss the crazy schedules and the fact that those schedules don’t allow for days like today.  We packed enough into this one day for 5 days worth of activities.  I am so grateful during this wild time that the kids have each other, that they genuinely like each other and that we have all this space to run around.

Thanks be to GOD for this amazing weather he has given us.  It certainly does brighten the moods of everyone that lives in my house!

Fletcher and Fiona were painting rocks together and they sang almost the entire time.  I was able to sneak up behind them and capture this sweet moment between these two.  One of my favorite moments of the day!

This maniac was a big fan of squirting Mommy!

Cooper sat in this freezing cold bucket of water.  He then needed to lay on the warm concrete for a bit to warm up!

Too much fun!


This is the 2nd time in a few days this sweet boy has picked me some “flowers”.  Ugh.  My heart.

I hope you are all well and good!

Stay safe my friends!



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