Corona Virus Quarantine Day #43: Dear Family…May 1, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #43: May 1, 2020

As I typed May 1st I shuttered a bit.  Hard to believe it’s May already.  As you all know Johnson County extended the stay at home order until May 11th.  If you can understand all the different phases of “re-opening” congratulations…you are smarter than me.  There seem to be a lot of “rules” in place and while I don’t own a small business it seems like some of the parameters in place would make it hard for them to even open up at all and not at all profitable.

At the Dorsey house we are still trying to make the best of this crazy situation.  Our Friday started with homeschool, then hours in the gym and a lot of outside time.  Though I was afraid one of them would blow away with a swift wind.  Continue to be extremely grateful for that barn.  My husband sure is smart.

I continue to roam around the house and think of all the projects I’d like to accomplish but realize none of them are cheap so I have to real myself back in.

Tonight I want to do something different as a memento to us parents and our children.  So it may be a bit long tonight.  Sorry.

Dear Finley,

You are such a sweet young man.  You always want to do the right thing and I have noticed during quarantine whenever you get “in trouble”…which is very infrequently and usually when you are very tired…that you feel terrible and immediately remorseful.  That’s a good sign buddy!  Your favorite moment of quarantine would have to have been when you climbed the tree on our hike.  It was really impressive. Especially for a child who is afraid of heights.  You work incredibly hard each day in your school work, your chores around the house and you never complain.  You spend a lot of time at the barn working on your shot and dribbling.  I know you love basketball and miss that March Madness didn’t happen and that you cannot go to your Sunday practices at St. James.  You definitely miss your friends and regular school but you’ve been so nice to mommy about home school.  I think you are the most content of all the kiddos to be at home and you have really enjoyed all this time with your family.  You are so good with GiGi and you never hesitate to volunteer to take her outside.  Thank you for that!  Remember when you had to pull the dead bunny out of her mouth. Yep…that was gross.  One thing you have really discovered about yourself during this time is how much you love to draw and I have to tell you, you are talented. I’m so impressed with your artistic ability.  You have loved to help mommy in the kitchen and your favorite recipe was popcorn shrimp but man you eat anything I put in front of you.  Finley we are so grateful for you.  You are smart, kind hearted, hard working and hilarious.  You are always making me laugh.  Also, your bond with your twin brother Cooper during this time has warmed my heart in ways I will never be able to put on paper.  You have both learned that no one has your back better than your own brother and you have pushed each other in ways I once dreamed you would…and that is pretty awesome!  I love you so very much!


img_7800A picture my Moose drew of a picture I took of him and Gigi….and one of the many NBA teams he has sketched each night! 

Dear Ellen,

I think you love quarantine because it has allowed you to read so much.  Your favorite activity.  You are such a good reader it’s crazy.  You have read more books during quarantine than Daddy has read in his entire life.  You have also had more time for your art work. The flower you painted is amazing and the chalk art you do regularly blows me away.  The mosaic we made was your favorite.  You were so into that!  You have been a great sous chef in the kitchen when I need help and you also do such a great job helping to clean up.  You never complain Ellen when asked to help and that is such a beautiful gift.  You are my pickiest eater and gag when I make chicken but for the most part you eat what I put in front of you with little complaint.  You are so smart and in home school I rarely have to help you.  You are pretty independent and so confident in your own ability in school. It’s incredible. Don’t ever change that!  I know you miss your friends and getting letters from them just may be your favorite thing.  You are such a trooper with all things Ellen. You go along with what everyone else wants to do and rarely push your own ideas or will on anyone else.  Family kickball game? You are in. Family basketball game? Totally!  I love to play volleyball with you in the gym.  It’s amazing how much better you have gotten. Remember when you could barely get 20 balls in a row off the wall.  Now you are regularly getting 300+.  You are so determined Ellen and I love that about you.  Remember when you swam across the river even though you were terrified.  You weren’t going to leave until you did it. I was so proud of you!  Conquering your fears is a big deal!  You are too hard on yourself so try to remember you are not even 10 yet (at least not for 5 more days) and you can do things that many can’t.  I am so proud of the person you are. You are kind, smart, hard working and funny.  We love you so much!

Sweet Ellen and a few of her art projects!  

Dear Cooper,

You may have the sweetest and softest heart of any kid I have ever met.  You are a softy like your mommy and someday some girl is going to melt over how incredibly thoughtful you are.  You are always the first to compliment my meals or tell me thank you for making it for you.  You never complain when we ask you to clean dishes, sweep the floor, take the dog out or put your laundry away. You have a helper’s mentality and you go out of your way to make things easier on me.  I notice that each day and appreciate it so much.  I love how much you enjoy reading Hitler’s Secret with me.  I love to hear your read with excitement, it makes me more excited for the next page too.  Doing that with me may be your favorite part of the the quarantine. That and our epic hikes!  Remember the time you swam across the “river” like 12 times. You were so proud. So proud and so cold!  You are so good to Gigi and especially good to your little brother.  You go on adventures with him and look out for him in so many ways.  I have been especially proud of how hard you have worked in the barn.  I know you love sports and right now you have an obsession with hockey (not sure how that happened) but I also know that you want to be good at everything you do.  You know that your shot needed work and you go down every single day and put in the work without being asked.  You do it because you care and you are a hard worker.  You are too hard on yourself too and such a people pleaser Cooper.  You make your Daddy and I so proud and so happy you don’t ever have to worry about disappointing us. Your bond with your big brother has grown so much during this time and watching the two of you hang out during this time has been one of my favorite things.  Never forget that your brother will be on your team for life.  Your smile lights up the entire room and your silly crazy giggle keeps the whole family laughing.  Thank you for being my biggest fan buddy.  We are so grateful for you and your sweet and loving spirit.  We love you so much!

Cooper attempting to not laugh. Never got past 2 seconds!  Made us all laugh repeatedly…one of his best traits!

Dear Fiona,

You are such a good girl. So smart and so thoughtful. You have been a dream in home school. You rarely need any help of any kind and I’ve been so impressed with your ability to do what needs to be done.  Your favorite part of homeschool may be the letter writing.  Holy Moly, I didn’t know anyone could write so many cards.  Each card is special and kind and thoughtful.  You have written to friends and family, your teachers and even volleyball girls.  My favorite letter you wrote was to the hospital workers.  I love that you want to change the world “even though you are just a kid”.  Don’t ever change, I do believe that one person can change the world.  You have really taken to reading this quarantine.  We used to joke that you never finished a book even though you are such a strong reader.  Now you have read the entire Merlin’s Magic Treehouse books, all the Box Car Children books we have and all the Nancy Drew books too!  Ellen has rubbed off on you that way. I love how you look up to your big sister and I especially love to hear the two of you singing T Swift in your bedroom playing together with your Legos.  Your Lego adventures are so creative.  You are also such a good partner for your little brother. He’s always loved his “phona” but this time together has been so special.  The two of you go off with his adventure kit into the trees or on the play set and make up the best games and laugh so much.  He’s so lucky to have you as his sister.  You have also loved cooking with mommy during quarantine and our tea party and scones were epic!  I think your favorite part of quarantine has been the hikes to the river. You love them and have absolutely no fear!  Remember when you climbed that ginormous tree and then swam across the river.  You were so proud and I was so scared J  But you conquer whatever is in your path.  Girlfriend…don’t ever change.  We are so blessed by your smile, your sweet heart and your bold self.  We love you so much!

Fiona and her sidekick Fletcher.  That child loves his big sister…

Dear Fletcher,

You have probably had the hardest time with the quarantine.  The last two weeks have been so much better but the first few were difficult.  You missed your routine, school, your friends and especially Miss Megan. I was simply not a great substitute for your amazing teachers at Sacred heart preschool.  You were resistant to working but I am happy to say that has changed.  Today you even asked to do more work!  That’s a change I can get used to. Gaga has become your teacher and you are a much better student for her. You are such an incredibly fun person to hang out with, “when you are being good” to use your words!  You are funny, full of energy and get excited about absolutely everything. You are in your PJ’s everyday all day.  You catch at least 5 “animals” a day from bunnies, snails to grasshoppers to the amazing worm hunt on your birthday!  You are never not singing.  You sing Dance Monkey, songs from “The Greatest Show”, The Final Countdown and you even like Taylor Swift…Fiona’s influence.  In fact, I don’t think there is a song you don’t like.  Your favorite part of quarantine is hard to nail down, because everyday seems to be a great day for you!  Especially lately.  You love to go on hikes and swimming in the river.  You ask 10 times a day if Hunter and Logan are coming over and you mastered riding a bike with no training wheels.  Remember how you just crushed that buddy?  It was amazing.  You have no fear and sometimes that scares mommy but holy cow you live each day to the fullest.  When you head hits the pillow you are ready to sleep. You love your new dog Gigi and you spend a lot of time snuggling her and letting her chase you.  You enjoy the chase that’s for sure.  Your siblings are your favorite people and you team up with a different one each day.  You are so lucky to have them they are so very nice to you.  Thank you for making each day an adventure and so much fun. Tonight you said to me “mommy you are a rock star, you are a great mom and I love you.” Wow.  That about sums up how you are all the times you are being “good”.  So sweet, such a heart breaker and so funny. We love you buddy and we are so proud of you!

The pajama wearing, constantly singing maniac…always loving on an animal somewhere!  

Dear Daddy,

You are such a hard worker it’s insane.  While it seems like you are working a lot and I know it bugs you when the kids say that…you are working hard to make things right at home, at John Deere and for me and the kids and that doesn’t go unnoticed.  This has been hard for all of us for different reasons but there is no one I’d rather be quarantined with then you and our kids and Gaga of course. I am so grateful to have a partner in all of this and to know that I can rely on you to help with Math when I just simply cannot do it myself.  We all know it’s not my strong suit.  Your dedication to your job is such a blessing to John Deere, your employees and our family.  You are showing our kids that you can work hard, play hard and be an extremely present parent.  You take care of all the things I don’t have the patience for like our lawn care needs.  I have to thank you for taking the morning shift with Gigi. I am usually working out with 15 year olds via zoom and/or by myself because we all know I need that workout time so I can be a more patient person.  I love our hikes and when I am freaking out when our child is suspended over shallow water hanging from a tree you are calm and encouraging him.  I love how you encourage the kids in the barn and help them get better at what is important to them.   You are so patient and always so kind but also so honest and you teach them all the important lessons they must learn to grow up to be awesome…like you.  We are all so blessed to have you in our lives. You are the best market research analyst, best husband, best father, best son and son-in-law, uncle, friend and person that I have ever known.  Everyone who knows you is better because of it.

Dear Gaga,

You are one of my favorite humans on earth.  You have always been my hero and someone I aspire to be more like.  You have taught me so many lessons in life and are obviously a huge part of helping me become the person that I am today.  I could not be more grateful that for these past 10 years you have lived with us and been an integral part of our family and life.  The kids love you so much and will always be blessed to have amazing memories with you.  I am sorry that you have not felt well for this entire quarantine.  But in true Gaga fashion you power through and even force yourself to play games you hate with the kids…like monopoly.  You are the strongest person I know and no one I have ever met has overcome more than you.  What an amazing example you are to your grandkids of perseverance and strength.  I look forward to when they are older explaining to them just how big of a total bad ass you totally are. As we both know some of the stories of your childhood would be a bit too much for them yet.  Thank you for always motivating me to be my best even when you don’t know you are doing it.  I pray everyday that you will feel your best and be able to go back to aqua class and your weekly dinner with friends.  Thank you for teaching Fletcher.  He is way less of a maniac for you then he was for me for those first three weeks.  I know he’s in the best and most capable hands. Also, he tells me daily that you and I are his best friends.  Not just me, his mommy…but you also which I know makes you feel so special.  Also, I know he means it!  Thank you for always being my inspiration to be awesome.   I love you so much.

Sorry  not sorry for the sap today friends, but I want to remember in 20 years how I was feeling about all of these people that I was quarantined with.  They are my absolute favorite and all of them are awesome in their own special way!

Stay well my friends!



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