Corona Virus Quarantine: Sunshine Day: April 30, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #42: Sunshine Day!

Did anyone like that song on the Brady Bunch besides me?  One of my grade school friends and I had a whole dance to it!  Today it was on my mind and in my head all day! “I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun’s calling my name…I hear you now, I just can’t stay inside all day I gotta get out give me some of those raaaaaays!  Everybody’s smiling.  Sunshine Day.  Everybody’s laughing. Sunshine Day”  Yep.  Been singing it all day.  I can even remember some of the dance moves!  Good times!

The weather today was basically perfect, the best “Sunshine Day”.  70’s, sunny, light breeze.  Ugh…Heavenly.  The kids played over at Aunt Jenny’s today so I could work!  They had a blast jumping on the trampoline!

Trampoline jumping…mowing the lawn with Aunt Jenny and healthy snack time!

While I didn’t get to spend as much time in it as I would have liked the time I was out there was glorious.  I did have a visitor in my classroom today because I was teaching about WWII and Cooper Dorsey loves him some WWII.  I think it livened up my first hour kids who thought his questions and comments were quite amusing.  They may even have been a little impressed about how much he knew about WWII.  It was fun and made my work day fly by to have him sit beside me at “work”.

I was able to hold my final two meetings of the day outside…which was amazing!  We ate dinner outside…Gary Lezak did say the EOI would be a 10 and he couldn’t have been more accurate.

We had a lot of laughs at the dinner table tonight.  Most of them courtesy of this crazy man.

We also had an outdoor dance party…I saw somewhere today was National Dance Party day, which I later verified was not a real thing, but since I saw it and that person believed it to be a thing I convinced the kids it was real too.  So I made them pretend to be excited to dance with me.

Dance party time…of course Fletcher was too focused on his caterpillar instead of dancing!

Shadow dancing!

Then we played a driveway kickball game.  These are the days you wish you could freeze time.  The kids are happy and the weather is perfect!

On another note…I made the mistake of watching the news again while I prepared dinner and I have to just say for the sake of history and the sake of wanting to know in 20 years how I felt about this during this time…why in the name of the LORD can’t people support our president during this time of crisis?  I get it, there is A LOT about him that is not likable. People may not have voted for him. They may not like his policies, they may not like him personally.  All fair.

BUT…we are in a national crisis.  A pandemic.  He has a pile of poop on his plate that we cannot possibly understand.  If you are reading this and you think you know more than he does or more than the medical professionals advising him…I’m sorry to inform you…you. are. wrong.

You don’t have to like a person to show them respect.  He is the leader of the free world.  He is the one making the decisions and free will would suggest we have the right to our opinions and I’m not suggesting we aren’t entitled to them.  I’m just saying I think it’s all just a little divisive.  We don’t need more division right now…we need more togetherness (of course not literally because…you know…social distancing).  But there have been times in history when people have put their differences aside and fought a demon we all had in common.  Look at WWI and WWII…those are great examples.  During those wars people, even politicians put their differences aside and everyone stepped up to do their part in fighting the common evil.

We are all fighting a common demon in the corona virus…and sadly, all I see is our politicians bickering and explaining how the other side isn’t doing things right.  It’s polarizing and confusing and so not what we need right now. We don’t have to like the person leading us through this crisis to know that we need that person to make good decisions for all of us.  So rather than publicly mocking him or expressing all the reasons you don’t like him…maybe pray for him instead.  Maybe this is a time the nation bites their tongue (hard to do with 24-hour news cycle I know).  The time will come when it’s open season on Trump again…but for now, maybe we should…dare I say…support and pray for him through this…I know a radical thought.

The poop on his plate is large and smelly and full of surprises.  So he and all the other people making decisions in this could use our prayers rather than our hate.

I’m certainly not suggesting Trump is perfect because we can all agree he is not, but I refuse to believe that any person wants to be in the office of the Presidency, arguably the most stressful job in the entire world, that doesn’t genuinely care about the well being of our nation. I have to believe he wants our government to be thriving and our economy to be successful and our citizens to be safe.

If you can honesty say you know that to be different…I’ll pray for you.

To a bigger and perhaps better point, in all of our lives we will have someone we don’t like, don’t approve of, and don’t agree with that we have to work with.  We have the responsibility to learn to work with and respect ALL people whether we like them or not.  I have worked with and for people I didn’t see eye to eye with.  I have played for and with people I didn’t see eye to eye with….but in all these situations we had a common goal and we had to put those differences aside. There is a life lesson here for all of us, especially the young people in this world.  I’d like to think as a history teacher and someone who deeply loves our country that our great grandchildren will look back on this time and be proud of how we handled it.  I hope that’s true.

GOD bless my friends.  I hope as things start to open up in the coming weeks we all stay safe and healthy.







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