Corona Virus Quarantine Day #38: Home School: April 26, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #38: Home School: April 26, 2020

It has been a really nice day.  The weather had a lot to do with that.  We got to watch “puter” mass as Fletcher calls it.  For the rest of us that means mass on the computer.  Still haven’t gotten used to that concept.  Today we got to watch on our back porch.  That wasn’t terrible.

Fletcher even sat for the entire hour this time, so that’s a win!


“Puter” mass and Daddy snuggles! 

We also went on a beautiful bike ride, ran in the grass with Gigi and rode the go cart.  Bryan made an amazing brisket and we had an incredible dinner.  What an amazing day!


Daddy helping Fletcher up the “big” hills on our bike ride.  The farthest we’ve gone so far this quarantine.  Proud of this little 5 year old boy who rode the whole way and Fiona who needs a bike so she roller blades.  Not sure I could roller blade that far! 


Explorer Fletcher was in full effect today.  Today we caught spiders…Mommy wasn’t a fan!


Gigi even watched mass with us all!  And for the first time ever…she was calm!

Explorer Fletcher was also an archeologist today as he dug 7 dinosaurs up today from his archeology kit he got for his birthday from his cousin Zeke!  

As I look at the start of another week I am so grateful for my husband.  When this whole thing was starting and it seemed like it was very likely we’d be trapped in the house and homeschooling Bryan agreed with my project to make our play room my school room.  I’ve wanted to decorate this room for so long and now we had the time and patience for it.  And as an extra bonus…everyone got to “help”.  They are so proud of the room and on any given day it makes at least one of them make a comment or feel joy each day.  I swear…it’s the simplest things in life!  None of it would have been possible without Bryan’s creativity…and his painting skills!

During these weird times you guys and we have to get our joy from wherever we can find it!

I am revealing our remodel here.  It’s such a happy room.  While I certainly don’t love all of our homeschool moments I really do love being in here!

I wanted it to be bright and my original plan called for an actual rainbow but that was a tad too complicated and Bryan had a vision…this was it!  The kids loved it and I walk in there every day and I love it too!

I think it’s safe to say Fletcher was the most excited!  Awesome is his favorite adjective.

The reading nook has a Hawaiian sunset and we turned the “stage” into a bed.  The kids love to do their work here and Ellen would read on this bed all day.  Hawaii was selected because it’s our happy place.  One of our favorite vacations of all time and who doesn’t like Hawaii.

I read these signs everyday and I hope the kids do too.  Just one more way we can make these lessons stick!  Especially the one about being kind!  Also shout out to Courtney Claire Dorsey Bohle who made the butterfly picture for me for Mother’s Day with my kids feet!  Makes me happy every single day!


Adventure Awaits…We put up this map up and marked all the places we have gone together.  In school we are doing a specialty project where they each research one state that we hope to visit together someday. They will present their state to the whole family and we will decide which state to visit first!  We can dream during quarantine right?


You know how I feel about being awesome…so why not remind them of it every single day!  For those of you who have known me since my younger years…I have always had a fondness for frogs, that hasn’t changed and finally another piece of art from the great Courtney Bohle made for me with our children’s hands.   

Rainbows, rainbows everywhere.  Her creativity never ceases to amaze me.  

Also, I thought you would enjoy some quotes of the day:

Finley: Mom can we go get the mail?

Mom: Sorry Finley it’s Sunday, no mail today

Ellen: Well at least there won’t be a person in the mail today.

Seriously can’t make this stuff up.

Ellen: Your toenails are free Fiona… (also I have no idea what this means…but they were having a conversation about what was free and what cost money)

Fiona: Not if someone calls the toe truck.

My comedian.

I hope you all had a glorious day!




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