Corona Virus Quarantine Day #36: Slapdash

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #36: Slapdash

My guest writer tonight is none other than the handsome, smart, hard working Finley Joseph Dorsey.

We started our day with breakfast and me, Cooper and Ellen went downstairs to start school.  School was fun we did workbook pages and IXL Math.  Fiona and Fletcher spent that time “organizing” Fletcher’s room.  Then while mom was at work we cleaned.  We dusted all the baseboards, door and cabinets.  It’s not super fun but it’s nice to have a clean house.  Mom said because we have helped so much and did such a good job she will give us a little bonus for helping.

Cooper and I are going to save our money that we earn to go to a KU Basketball game.  We’d like to bring the whole family, so we know we have to save a lot.

Then we spent a lot of time in the barn.  We played pickle ball, basketball and kickball. Gigi came down for awhile and we played with her too!   My favorite game today was basketball or kickball.  I like to work on my basketball shots in the barn.  It’s really fun and I’m glad we have the barn.

We had the most amazing dinner of steak, asparagus, corn, Gaga beans and fruit.  It was an amazing dinner and I hope I am able to have it again.  Daddy picked a movie called “Hugo” tonight.  It wasn’t that good, I didn’t really like it.  I don’t like the corona virus because I miss my friends and I miss school.  I do like it in some ways because we have so much time to do fun games at our house and play with our family more.  Today I am thankful for the barn, our house, Gigi our nice dog to play with, a big yard to run in and a big family to play with!

Love, Finley

How many of you looked up what slapdash meant?  I did too!  I didn’t like random for a title and that’s what I am today…totally random.  So slapdash it is.  It may be my new favorite word.

Today was overall a pretty good day.  I’d say more than anything it was a productive day.  I worked and once I was done it was deep cleaning day.  I have tried to do deep cleaning every two weeks.  That means every speck of wood gets dusted, even baseboards, doors and cabinets and all the bathrooms are thoroughly scrubbed.  The kids helped do the dusting and believe it or not they do a pretty good job.  Since it’s Friday and we are all glad it is…today I’m simply going to share some slapdash (aka random) thoughts I had while cleaning because…why not?

First…kids are gross.  Why are the incapable of getting the toothpaste they use to clean their teeth anywhere but the sink?  It’s on the mirror and the countertop for sure but how does it get on the cabinetry and the walls?  Just wondering.  Cause it’s all over my kids walls.  If you haven’t seen the video of the women imitating what it would be like if adults behaved like children…make it happen. It’s hilarious.

Secondly, is there anything better than a color coordinated closet?  It’s deeply satisfying in a way I cannot describe.  I love to organize the kids clothes in color order.  Fletcher can’t reach these clothes yet so I know they will stay this way for more than 12 minutes…unlike his sibling’s closets.  So organizing his closet this way is far more gratifying than doing the others closets the same way.  He even told me “good job”!  However, he has too many hand me down shirts.


I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning.  I obviously do NOT love how time consuming it is but I love how it looks when I’m done.  There is nothing better than climbing into bed in your clean room that smells and looks like perfection.  I feel like I always sleep better when my house is clean.

Also, I love the lines in the carpet after a good vacuum.  That actually brings me real joy.

On the subject of cleaning, I’m not sure that people who clean other people’s homes get paid enough. Today when I was cleaning our powder bathroom and I reached down to pick up what looked like a pellet of dog food. I realize I was in the bathroom but it wouldn’t be too weird for a pellet of dog food to be in the bathroom because the dog food is kept nearby and kids drag stuff everywhere.  So nevertheless I leaned down to pick it up.  As I’m sure you guessed…it wasn’t dog food. It was definitely a small nugget of a perfectly round little poop particle.  Let’s call it a poop pellet.  I laughed out loud because I mean…what else can you do.  I then thoroughly washed my hands.  The small humans I live with are gross and apparently have trouble wiping.

My next question has to be…Why do some of our kids want to only change their clothes like once a week and others change 13 times a day?  It’s a strange distinction and one I do not understand.  Fiona has an outfit for the barn, one for outside, one for lunch, another for dinner and on and on and on.  It’s outrageous.  Then she complains about all the laundry she has to put away….sweetheart…WEAR LESS OUTFITS. On the other hand…I have to peel the socks off of my boys feet at night because you know…it’s their favorite pair (as if there aren’t 10 more pairs exactly like it in their sock drawer).  Confusing!

Today we had to go pick up the van at the shop because our sliding door broke for the 6th time…and that’s not an exaggeration.  We decided to take the kids with us to get a change of scenery and treat them to some Freddy’s for lunch.  The girls wanted to wear a cute outfit and came into my room to borrow my perfume.  Fiona even put lipstick on. We had a picnic in the rain while sitting in our car and it was a huge treat to watch a movie in the moving car.  To be honest, it was a really nice change of scenery and it was one meal I didn’t have to cook!  Amen to that!  Not sure why all of this required perfume, lipstick and ended up being such a thrill for everyone as they didn’t even get out of the car but I guess that’s what quarantine is doing to us.

I know I’m random today but it’s kind of the mood I’m in right now.  I’m off to sleep in my clean sweet smelling room…and I can’t wait!

Some of the fun we had in the super exciting car ride. 

img_7614This sweet boy skipped the family movie so he could watch the draft while reading a book!  Love!


Fiona has about 40 notes in her room I’m supposed to mail for her.  I found this one.  I also found about 40 bracelets.  I love her giving heart.  So sweet.

 Stay well my friends!








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