Corona Virus Quarantine Day #33: Awesomely Huge: April 20, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #33: Awesomely Huge: April 20, 2020

This picture was taken exactly 10 years ago.  I was two weeks away from giving birth to our triplets, Finley, Ellen and Cooper.  I had been on bed rest for 3 weeks already and I was going insane.  I am not the kind of person that just sits still.  I think I read about 50 books in that 5- week period, played a lot random games and watched some really bad TV.  I think Rock of Love may have been in there somewhere (don’t judge me…I couldn’t move)  I was constantly hungry but didn’t have room in my belly for much.  I ate about every 90 minutes, small meals.  I loved apples, bell peppers and cookie dough ice cream.

I drank water like I lived in the desert.  I. was. Always. Thirsty. I was not allowed to go down the stairs, unless I had a doctors’ appointment, which was twice a week at this point.  So basically I lived in the chair in my bedroom.  I peed like 5,000 times a day.  Also, I felt like I was on fire all the time.  Did you know having four hearts beating in your body makes you really hot?  Holy cow!  It gave me some sympathy for my husband who is always warm.

Towards the end I had to sleep in the chair I’m sitting in in this picture.  I couldn’t roll over in bed without Bryan’s help because my belly was so big.  Also, because my belly was so big I couldn’t sleep on one side too long because my hips fell asleep and I’d have to wake Bryan up to turn me over.  I felt bad about waking him up as I knew really soon we’d have a lot of sleepless nights.  So I just moved to the chair. I was not allowed to do any physical exercise most of the pregnancy (from about 10 weeks on) so every other part of me had atrophied to non existence.  I was like a giant torpedo belly with sticks attached.

Bryan used to describe me as “awesomely huge”.  That’s right, that’s how my husband described his incredibly pregnant wife. But in fairness…it was an accurate description.

My stomach moved at all times.  Ellen and Cooper (then Baby B and Baby C) moved non stop as they fought for space.  I can forever hold it over their heads that they are the reason my stomach has lots of marks all over it!  Baby A…aka Finley, was just chilling down at the bottom with a whole lot of room to himself.  Feeling a baby move inside of your body is one of the most amazing GOD like moments I’ve ever experienced.  Having three moving at one time, is…wild.

Their constant movement was a very real reminder that I was literally a walking, breathing miracle.

The entire pregnancy I was reminded about how I was high risk and that I should plan for and expect the worst, because that was always possible.

I however, refused to do that.  At one point I asked the specialty doctor to stop.  I told him I’d sign every piece of paper if he’d just quit reminding me how “high” risk my pregnancy was.

By the end of this pregnancy I could basically read an ultrasound I had had so many.

I had complete faith that everything was going to be fine.  I wasn’t nervous about their arrival or their health or how we would care for them.  I had an overwhelming feeling that this was exactly how our story was supposed to turn out.

I knew it in fact, because I had prayed for it.  Everyone who knew my story and loved me had prayed for it and I felt with every fiber of my being it was going to be fine…and I was right.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since that picture was taken and almost 10 years since they were born.  Seems like yesterday.

It’s on days like today, when the weather is beautiful and I get to spend my day with them and take an hour long walk with the sweet humans GOD blessed me with that every single moment I experienced to get to this point seems 1,000 percent worth it. And friends there were some dark moments.

I’m so grateful I get to be their mom.  I’m so grateful GOD chose Bryan to be my husband and for us to walk through this life together.  I am so thankful for Gaga who came to help me those last few weeks of bed rest when they were worried I’d have the babies “any second” that I couldn’t be left alone.  I’m also so grateful she stayed to help us with them and that she never left, as that was her original intent.

One day I’ll share the “whole” story here.  A lot of you know it.  It’s pretty intense.  But it’s a beautiful story of faith, friendship and love.

Thank you for letting me walk down memory lane today as this picture popped up in our memories.  10 years ago I would never have shared this picture publicly, now I’d flash that belly to anyone who wanted to see it. I mean…look at that thing.  It’s…awesomely huge.

Math help from Daddy and me and my sous chef’s in the kitchen whipping up popcorn shrimp, parmesan asparagus orzo and healthy homemade granola bars (from one of their books).

On our walk we had planned to walk for awhile one direction and go back to our car but the kids wanted to see if we could make it all the way home from our starting point.  It took close to an hour, we saw cousins on the walk, a lizard, butterflies, crickets and were greeted on the street by three friendly dogs.  All of whom Fletcher proclaimed to be his friends.  Then he proceeded to tell us how they all loved him.

Fletcher has to keep a slow jog going to keep up with his siblings but he does it and doesn’t complain…it’s really pretty impressive.  He basically jogged for a solid hour.  He told me he was getting his “track” season in (even though he’s too young for track and has never done it before) and he’s building his muscles with all these walks so he can be so strong.


Cooper has such a sweet heart. Gaga hasn’t been feeling amazing and he’s been worried so today while we ate s’mores and chatted by the fire he snuggled her.  It melted my heart.  He loves his Gaga so much. 

GiGi discovered she loves to chase the broom today and GOD bless Finley Joe he takes such good care of her, he ran and she chased him for a long time!  Fletcher did nothing but laugh all night and talk about toots.  He’s such a boy.  

Exhibit A…this child!

Stay well my friends, and GOD bless.




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