Corona Virus Quarantine Day #26: Easter blessings!

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #26: April 12, 2020

Today my guest writer is none other than our animal loving, sweet hearted, crazy man…Fletcher Matthew (I try to type it exactly as he says it)

This morning when I woked up I saw the Easter Bunny’s footprints on our floor.  They were huge.  Then I saw the buckets.  I felt so good about it.  I was like so excited.  The bunny brought me special eggs that looked like baseballs.  In those eggs there was money.  All my other eggs had candy.  I liked the skittles the best.  I got diving rings for the pool, a water gun, a Jayhawk hat and dirt (aka Kinetic sand).  It was totally awesome.

After the Easter bunny we had a big breakfast and I ate a big boy sandwich like the other kids.  It was awesome.  Then we had our Easter feast.  My favorite part of the feast was the jello eggs, I tried a green, orange and yellow one.  Aunt Jenny made those and she left some for me to eat tomorrow.  I got to play with my cousin Logan and he’s my friend.  I love him.

This was the best day ever.  I think the corona virus is bad.  I like spending time with the kids and mommy and daddy.  Today I am thankful the Easter Bunny…because he’s awesome.



Searching high and low!

Can we pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that Fletcher is wearing a Rudolph PJ ensemble and insisted on using a pumpkin Easter bucket?  Yes, he insisted on both.  So on the bright side…we had all of the major kid holidays represented here!

Ellen was pretty excited for some new earrings and Fiona “finally” got a hydro flask!

The Easter Bunny even left instructions!

You guys, Easter has always been one of my favorites.  I remember loving it as a kid, I still love it as an adult.  This morning we tried to watch Sacred Heart’s online mass but couldn’t get it loud enough for anyone to hear so Daddy saved the day and turned on Archbishop’s mass and that was perfect.  He really put on a beautiful mass.  He spoke so eloquently about this crazy pandemic we are all living through and somehow made it all seem less scary.

Working at St. James I am fortunate to have crossed paths with the Archbishop many times but today was my favorite by far.  I only wish I was there in person.  Mass on tv or a computer is strange, but I’m grateful to have even that.  Fletcher even sat still…mostly because Gaga was tickling his back…but hey, I’ll take that as a win.

GiGi even watched mass with us for a little while.  Fletcher and Gaga loving on each other!

The morning before mass obviously started with the mayhem of the Easter Bunny.  The bunny decided it would be a good idea to leave his footprints on my floors.  Fletcher wanted to hop in his footsteps so that was helpful!  The Easter Bunny and I made a deal a long time ago that we wouldn’t let the egg hunt or the presents get too out of control, so they each got a few gifts in their baskets and 24 eggs a piece.  20 of the eggs had small candies in them and there were four money eggs.  Genius.  That Easter Bunny sure does know what he’s doing.  The kids were so excited.  We had a momentary crisis when Ellen (and nobody else) couldn’t find one of her money eggs…but the crisis was averted when Fiona found it hidden in a chair cushion.  Thank goodness, that was getting a little scary!

We had an Easter feast fit for a king with our quarantine buddies…my sister Jennifer and her boys.  We are so grateful to live out here away from large crowds or neighborhoods and to have each other.  Fletcher is obsessed with their youngest son Logan and he must have asked me 200 times today when he’d be there.

Yummy food for all!

Fiona and I even made carrot cake cupcakes!  Yum!

We even had kids champagne sparkling cider to celebrate!  

It was a great day and I’m so thankful for our family.  The day was made even brighter by a surprise drive by drop off by one of our former players and now friend, Taylor Nill.  She brought us a basket of goodies and a beautiful note for Easter and my upcoming birthday. It was weird and sad to not get to visit with her and I wanted to invite her in to hug on all my babies, but I know that we can’t do that.  In time, Taylor, in time.  I will give you the biggest hug there is…and so will our children.  Thank you for thinking of us and coming by!  It was so nice to see you, even from a distance.

Tonight at bedtime we all talked about what we did well and what we could work on.  The kids are over tired from the excitement about the Easter Bunny so whenever they get keyed up like that there are always more sensitive souls roaming around our house.  So they all had something to say.  But mostly we discussed how today is less about the awesome Bunny who visited us but more about the Resurrection of Jesus and that without Jesus…none of this is possible.

So it’s good to remind ourselves that when we are feeling bad, or sad, or mad that there are many more important things than who won a game or who go the biggest cupcake, but instead the reason we are here is because Jesus gave his life for us and there is no bigger or better sacrifice than that, and nothing more AWESOME!  LORD, I hope they learn that lesson.

I hope you had a beautiful Easter with your quarantine crowd.  Stay well my friends!

Family photo time!  We had our church clothes on for all of 5 minutes after church.


GiGi love!

Sorry for all the photos 🙂





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