Corona Virus Quarantine Day #25: Who needs the Easter Bunny?

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #25: Who needs the Easter Bunny?

Seriously…not sure we could have packed more into this day.  The shenanigan’s were in full effect.  If I was smarter we would have spread this out across multiple days to stretch out the fun…but what can you do?  We were motivated today.  Therefore, I will apologize for the insane number of photos coming your way.

The morning started with an egg dyeing extravaganza.  There was a small debacle there as I was under the impression we hard boiled all the white eggs….apparently not.  We figured that out quickly when Fletcher tried to peel an egg to eat it and it exploded all over him. Good times. He thought it was awesome.  Ellen definitely take the most time to dye the eggs.  The artist in her wants them to be perfect.  She was so happy creating something today.  Finley showed his easy going self when one of his eggs cracked and he made the most out of it.  The crack became a nose.  I loved watching Cooper help his little brother, he even gave him some of his un-dyed eggs when Fletcher ran out (he moved a little faster than the rest of them).  These moments are ones I will never forget.


Everybody just getting started!  Next year I have to find one of those spinner things!egg

Ellen’s laser focus on her eggeggg

These two were besties today.  My heart!moosegg

True to his character, Finley made the most of his cracked egg.  This ended up being his favorite one…mine too!

After dying eggs we decided to go back down to the “river”.  While it is 70 degrees today it’s super windy so we thought they could play down there by the river, climb the trees and have some fun out of the wind.  Fletcher insisted on wearing his swim suit so he could go “swimming”.  I guess it turned out to be a wise decision, because the kids (and GiGi) did in fact swim across the “river” to get to a tree they wanted to climb.  However, the only one who climbed it was the child who is afraid of heights…Finley.  I nearly had a heart attack when we decided he would not only climb up it but get down from it by shimmying down a branch.  I have to say although it was a bit scary…I was crazy impressed.  He’s so strong.  I couldn’t believe he could hold on the way he did.  He has some battle wounds to prove it too.  Fletcher cheered for him the entire time.  It was incredible.  It’s amazing how these hikes have given them increased confidence and trust in each other.  Fiona crossed the “river” first, and her confidence gave everyone else the trust to go do it themselves.  They celebrated each others success in getting across and they look out for each other. Some of my happiest moments during this quarantine have been down by the “river”.

Gigi loves the water, so do the kiddos, except for the coldness of it!  But man, did we have a blast down there today!  

Fiona was the 1st to swim across the river.  Finley was a close second. Ellen was hesitant but did do it, Fletcher wanted to go with her and Cooper didn’t even think about it, just dove in hooded sweatshirt and all.

For those of you that know me best I’m sure you are surprised to see that I’d be cool with letting my kids climb these crazy trees over running water, or that I’d let them swim in said water…it’s amazing how things can change.  I went from an extreme germaphobe to this human being…craziness.  If it wasn’t so cold (the water) I might have even gone in with them. A little dirt doesn’t hurt…right?


I mean seriously…this kid is afraid of heights!  At Disney last year he would not go on a ride without me.  Incredible what the wilderness will do!shimmy

This part…made me a nervous lady!

The other video of him shimmying down the tree branch is much scarier…but it was too large for this format.  Fletcher literally cheered for him the entire time.


Triumph!  He’s never been so proud!

Then to top off this insane day we went over to my sisters for an egg hunt.  She usually hosts this incredible egg hunt at a park for Easter with one of her business partners but due to social distancing it was cancelled.  So, she has 2,000 eggs.  Yes, 2,000 eggs.  What better thing for 7 little kids to do then go and hunt them?  Oh my goodness, it was a blast, the perfect end to a lovely day.

Mommy is trying to just enjoy these beautiful moments and not worry about all the things I am not getting done (like grading, for instance).  As Bryan likes to remind me, I always get it done, so what’s the use in worrying.

I am so grateful for this special family time.  The Easter Bunny has his work cut out for him tomorrow.  Not sure how he can top this day…I look forward to seeing what he comes up with!


If you can look at this and not smile…I can no longer know you.  We always seem to find some kind of animal carcass on these walks.  This animal carcass is now in his room!  LORD help me!climb

The kids have been climbing for weeks but today Fletcher did it and man was he proud of himself. When got to the top he proclaimed  “Hey mom, I’m up…I did it…I’m the best climber ever”!  And every single time he climbed to the top…he said the same thing.  Such confidence!climberCant

You can’t make this stuff up.  For several minutes he walked with his boots full of water.  You could hear it sloshing around.  Finally we decided it’d be more comfortable to walk without all the water.  His outfit though….


Cooper swimming back to our side for the 4th time.  At this point his lips were purple and he was COLD!  His zero percent body fat doesn’t help!

egg hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza.  Lots of bouncy balls hidden in these eggs. But the hunt was on and the hunt was a blast!

Happy Easter my friends, enjoy your families and be grateful for your health.

GOD bless!









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