Corona Virus Quarantine Day #23: “MOM!”

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #23: April 9, 2020

My guest writer tonight is our handsome, hard working, basketball loving 9-year-old Finley Joe.

Today we had a fun day.  We ate early and then we got started on school.  My favorite thing I did at school today was drawing out and narrating my station of the cross.  We will do the stations as a family tomorrow.  Me and my siblings drew them all out.  It should be fun.

Then I took Gi Gi out for a long time.  I think Gi Gi is fun and awesome to play with.  Then I went to the barn and did my goals.  I shot until I made 200 shots.  Then I did 30 layups with each hand and I worked on my dribbling.  I work so hard in basketball because I want to be really good when I’m older.

Then I went outside and rode my bike for awhile.  I like to ride bikes.  Then we ate a yummy dinner.  My favorite part of dinner was the spaghetti and Brussel sprouts me mom made.  I liked the Brussel sprouts and that made my mom happy. Then we had the best dessert ever, homemade ice cream sandwiches.  It was amazing.

Tonight we watched Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. It was kinda creepy, but I liked it.  The creepiest part was when the guy picked the wrong cup and became a zombie and died.  Overall, I like the corona virus quarantine because I get to spend so much time with my family, spend more time outside and lots of time in the barn…but, I also don’t like it because we don’t get to go to school or see any friends.  Today I am thankful for the nicest house ever, the barn, Gi Gi a fun dog to play with, the whole outside area and people to play with!

Love,  Finley

TGIT am I right?  Tomorrow is Good Friday…so we will celebrate this beautiful Easter and have no homeschool for three days.  Yippee!  I’m pumped!

Today was a good day.  I cannot complain.  I got to spend time with my best friends and go to see my students on the computer screen.  The kids all got a letter from a friend and that made their day. I even got two letters in the mail from friends…can’t remember the last time that happened…one even had a sweet gift in it. Those were nice surprises to have for sure!  All in all, I call this day a win.

We tried to soak up the sun as much as we could today.  It was a lot colder but the sun was still shining.  Fletcher desperately wanted to fly a kite.  Three cheap kites later…we got one in the air.  This was due in part to Gi Gi’s full on assault against our Elsa kite we were attempting to fly…so it was bye by Elsa and hello to the Minions (kite #3).

A few lessons learned today…#1 don’t fly a kite when there is a puppy outside and #2 if you want to successfully fly a kite I’d suggest you buy one that is a little more expensive than the 2 dollar special I had on hand.  I’m assuming that has to help!


I didn’t realize until I posted this picture here how sad Fletcher looks. Is it bad that it made me laugh when I saw it?  GiGi is a piece of work, just like her big brother!


This one makes up for it!  Pure bliss!

The kids were restless today.  I had to work and I feel like days I’m stuck in front of the computer are always a little harder.  But we are still in the infancy ages in this, so hopefully it will get better.  I told Bryan that at some point I will keep track of how many times a day I hear “mom”.  At one point I counted for about 40 minutes…we were upwards of 20 in that time…so that should tell you what we are dealing with here.  Have you seen that meme that suggests you drink every time you hear the word “mom”?  It then says “no, please don’t do that…that will kill you.”.  Yep.  That’s the most accurate meme I’ve seen this entire experience.

Anyone else feel like there are never alone?  Today I even offered to do the dishes after cooking dinner as long as no one was in the kitchen and no one asked me for anything.   Don’t get me wrong, I love being with my favorite people all day…but when you live with 7 other people you are literally NEVER alone.  I guess one thing I learned during this is that I need and value my solitude at times.  I don’t think I knew that about myself.  Even though before this I was rarely alone, I had my own time. For instance, when I went to school or practice.  That is my space, I’m in it without the 7 people I live with for the most part.  Now, I am “at school” and people come in the room asking me to wipe their butt…yes because that happened…and yes, you guessed it…it was Fletcher.  Thankfully I was on mute because kids were still entering the zoom meeting and class hadn’t officially started…but it happened and you can’t make this stuff up.

My kids don’t really seem to comprehend that when mommy’s “teaching” at home she is working and that they cannot come barging in the room and ask me for a snack, request my help to address an envelope (today’s letter was to President Trump), where Daddy is or in this case, for help in the bathroom.  But who can blame them, this situation is beyond bizarre and mommy and daddy are home “working” but can also spend time with them in and out of the work day.  It’s confusing for everyone.  We will all get our groove eventually and there will be less interruptions as we get used to our new normal.


Can we pause for a second and discuss this child’s clothing choices?  Everyday he wears pajamas.  He has no interest in getting dressed and feel free to judge me…but that’s a battle I’m not willing to fight.  Here he is taking Gi Gi out and he is outfitted in PJ pants, his cousins Camo Boots that are 5 sizes too large, a Chiefs hat and a hoodie.

Tomorrow should be a fun day…we are going to clean our faces off…because mommy wants a clean house for Easter.  Don’t know about you guys but I feel much more joy when I’m in a clean house!  Then we are going to dye Easter eggs.  Fletcher is pretty excited.

Perhaps the best part of my day was that there was a lot of singing going on.  I caught all the kids at one point or another singing something.  If I give my kids the love of music that I have…I will be so thrilled. Music is such a release for me and a good song can turn a day around in an instant.  I knew all that singing I did to them when they were in my belly and when they were babies was worth it!

I cannot get enough of this!  So good!


Homeschool at Casa Dorsey…Engineering class…thank the LORD for his big brothers who helped him!  

Stay safe my friends!










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