Corona Virus Quarantine Day #15: Fletcher’s Birthday Shenanigans

Day #15: Fletcher’s Birthday Shenanigan’s March 31, 2020

Today we celebrated our youngest child.  The child that completed our family.  The child that makes me laugh like no other, whose high pitched voice always makes me smile (partly because for nearly 3 years we hardly ever heard it), who has the best smile and the brightest eyes, who loves fiercely and used the word awesome like the word “the”, who can be a giant challenge due to his insane stubbornness but who makes all of our worlds better for being in it.

Fletcher Matthew Dorsey was born on March 31, 2015, 5 years ago.  His labor and delivery was “easy” and Bryan and I were constantly laughing that day at our young, possibly stoner, nurse who said things like “totes” to me pretty regularly during delivery.  He came into the world wide eyed, ready to tackle it all.  That first picture of him with his eyes open is pretty perfect for how this one attacks the world. He has never met a stranger, thinks all babies and all animals are “awesome”, is pretty sure that everyone he meets loves him and is his friend, and has the upmost confidence in the world.  He loves his cousins more than anyone else in the universe.  He is definitely partial to Zeke and Logan.

As his birthday approached I struggled with how we were going to make it special for him given the fact that we were in lock down and I couldn’t order a special cake from Becky Whyte (shameless plug for her here…her cakes are amazing), he couldn’t have “all his friends over” like he had planned and that any present he got I would be buying via Amazon.  Also, not gonna lie…our children’s birthday’s are very much a celebration for me as well.  I feel like it’s my “birth” day.  One of the three times I brought life into this world with the help of my handsome husband and GOD.  One of the very best days of my life.  A day that I will never forget.  How could I not celebrate that?

As it turns out…quarantine or no quarantine we had a blast!  We started our day on a worm hunt.  Yes, those are words I thought I would never in my life say.  But, nevertheless…I overturned rocks and picked up worms like a boss today.  Finley was even impressed by my worm hunting skills, but the real MVP’s were Cooper and Fletcher.  They were completely unafraid.  Did you know that when you lift a large rock and there are several worms underneath that you have to grab them immediately or they burrow into the dirt?  Yeah…I didn’t know that either…until today.

The worm hunt of 2020.  It was epic!

So at 8 am I walked out my front door on a quest to find some worms.  And find them we did.  A whole bucket full of them.  After that the kids had their school day and Fletcher asked repeatedly when he’d get to open presents.  During one of the kids zoom meetings he and I made his cake.  He decided he wanted a Santa cake…and this just in…I am NOT a cake baker.  So we googled and I did the best I could.  He was satisfied and sweet Ellen kept telling me how amazing it looked (even though we both know it did not…GOD bless her little heart). Turns out 5 year olds are easy to please.  Fletcher thought his cake was…you guessed it…”awesome”.

The Santa cake experience…looked a little like a monkey Santa to me…but he didn’t care!

All this kid wanted was to see Logan and Zeke…and GOD bless Aunt Jill and Aunt Jenny because they both came through in spades.  Zeke dropped off Fletcher’s birthday present which he added to his collection of goodies and they shared about 28 hugs.  Fletcher likes to collect things…which is in part why one of his presents was an organizer J.  Logan and Hunter came over for dinner and Fletcher got to kayak, climb trees, swing on the swings, eat cake and watch a movie with some of his favorite people.

What has amazed me above all about all of this is how little the kids complain.  They haven’t said “this stinks” or “I wish this would just end already” they seem to genuinely be enjoying each others company (the weather has helped tremendously).  The “kids” as Fletcher called them all wrote Fletcher the sweetest cards and gave him the best presents.  Ellen made him a lizard, Finley made him an amazing card, Fiona made him a zoo in a shoebox and Cooper gave him all kinds of treasures that he knew Fletcher would love…he even gave him some money.


So today, I am just trying to seize the moment of celebrating one of the most special (and frustrating at times) human being that has ever walked earth.  This boy will light the world on fire and I cannot wait to watch him do so!

Special shout out to GOD for giving me the awesome responsibility and privilege of being his mom.  I am grateful for every moment…even the ugly ones (which I have noted here at times). He is a magnificent boy that could stop traffic with his bright blue eyes, his amazing smile and his sweet and loving heart.

Fletcher ended his day with a big boy sleepover with his brothers and Finley reading him a book.  I think his heart and mine were both full!


How can my heart handle all that sweetness!  

A few more pictures from our day:

Stay well my friends…until tomorrow…



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