Corona Virus Quarantine Day #13: Sunday Shenanigan’s

Corona Virus Day #13: Sunday Shenanigan’s: March 29, 2020    *I apologize in advance for the crazy # of pictures*

Today our guest writer is almost 5 year old wild child…Fletcher Matthew Dorsey.  I was amazed I got him to write this much!

Today has been an awesome day.  Daddy made pancakes (pronounced Pan-pakes) for breakfast.  They were awesome.  I like going on the trail with Logan and Hunter coming.  I like to climb down the tree to get to the water.  I got to go in the cave today.  That was totally awesome.  Me and Logan found a frog, he was jumpy.  I liked having Skittles I packed for the trip.  Gi Gi Jingles went with us this time.  She loved it.


Sooooo excited to climb in that cave.  Thanks Uncle Luke.  Yikes, mommy doesn’t do caves.

When we got to the water it was really cold.  I walked in it and climbed a mountain that the kids climbed.  It was awesome.  When we were playing in the water I fell and was all wet, then I had to lay on the rocks to dry off.  Logan found a skull on the walk.  I loved that part of the walk best.  He thinks it’s a deer skull.  It’s totally awesome.  The skull has really big teeth.

In two days it’s my birthday. I am really excited, only two more sleeps.  I want Zeke to come over for my birthday.  This was a good day.

Love, Fletcher

*Fletcher really loves the word “awesome”


After he went full frontal into the water, laying in the sun blissfully unaware that his pants were falling down.hikeb27

On his way to tackle the big mountain.hikeb4Pretty excited about all his treasures from the walk, especially the giant skull.hikeb21

The tree he referenced climbing down to the water!hikeb22

Taking a break with Hunter!hikeb24

Soaking wet.  But having a blast!hikeb15

Following Fiona up the mountain.  He was so proud.


Just four boys and cousins peeing in the river.  Only one of them felt the need to bare their bottom.  No surprise on who it was.  Impressive distance on the peeing though.  Gigi wanted in on the river fun too!

My  notes on the day…

Another week went by where we attended church in our own house.  This time, it was nice enough outside that we could sit on our back deck and watch and participate in mass.  What a weird deal it is though when Father Pat is consecrating the Eucharist and enjoying it while we just sit and watch on a computer screen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful we can attend mass even in this format…but I miss the togetherness of mass and receiving the Eucharist.  It’s amazing it took something like this for me to realize how much sitting in our regular seats and seeing all the regular people and trying to control Fletcher in the pews and having that circular host in my hand and consuming it meant to me each week.  It’s the kind of weird I cannot really describe but this is our new reality for the uncertain future.  Not complaining…just being real about it and how it makes me feel.  The highlight of mass for me today was when Father Pat said “you can all kneel or stand” and without hesitation Finley kneeled down on the hard wooden deck.  You could tell it was hurting his knees after awhile but he committed to it and stuck with it.  That warmed my heart.

We’ve been so blessed by this beautiful weather and we decided to take Hunter and Logan (our cousins) on our two-hour tour today.  The hike was down the same path but we discovered new things with our cousins.  Uncle Luke was kind enough to take Fletcher into the cave I wasn’t brave enough to explore yesterday.  We climbed “mountains” and encouraged each other.  It was sweet to hear them cheer each other on as they got to the top of the “mountains” they were climbing or the encouragement when they were working on the toughest part of the climb.  We scaled trees, skipped rocks, found frogs, sea shells, snail shells and even a skull of some kind.  Logan was kind enough to let Fletcher take the skull home to our house…thanks for that Logan!

What struck me the most about this two-hour hike was how you can absolutely forget all that is going on when you are out in nature. The rustle of the trees, the cool running water, the kid’s laughter…all of that beauty makes the crazy world we are living in disappear…just for a moment.  So today, I am grateful for our hike and for those few moments in this day that I didn’t worry about being my best self for my students tomorrow or for my new students…our children.  Virtual learning has me a bit stressed because I am the ultimate extrovert.  I love to be with my people…my kids (the figurative ones and my literal ones).  I like to give high fives and hugs and smile.  So many smiles.  My smiles and encouragement don’t feel the same when I look into my computer screen.  I mean have you done zoom yet?  Why does it have to be so close to my face?  Yikes!  I am hopeful what I am doing will be enough and will make my students (all of them) feel safe and as normal as possible during this uncertain time.


I can’t with this picture.  So sweet!hikeb1

Ellen kicking ass and taking names.  Love the fire in this kid.  Afraid of nothing.  Determined.  Can’t wait to see what she does in life. hikeb29

If you look closely you can see Ellen and Hunter cheering on their siblings and cousins.  hikeb3

Fiona started to build a dam across the “river” so that the kids could walk across and not get too wet.  She worked so hard and did it completely by herself.  Her shirt says it all “girls never quit”.  That’s what I’m talking about sister!  hikeb11

One of the frogs we caught!hikeb7

We had a few falls into the water. Logan was chest deep in water at this point.  Brr.  It was cold. hikeb8

Cooper Claerhout loving nature. hikeb18

Celebration when we reach the top!hikeb16Tree climbers birthday here in the woods!hikeb12

Ellen is walking on water!

On another important note I am praying for all the healthcare workers who are risking their lives each day, many of whom now have to cut off contact with their own kids and families.  You are true heroes in this and I’m incredibly grateful to you for your service.  Some of you I know personally and call you my friends, some of you played volleyball for us and you are forever a part of our extended family (and I am so proud of you), others I met when you cared for my mom and dad during their long hospital stays, some of you helped me deliver our 5 babies, some of you I will never meet…but I am praying for all of you!

Stay safe my friends.











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