Corona Virus Quarantine Day #12: I love Saturday’s!

No guest writer tonight…everyone was too tired!

You guys…I live for Saturday’s. I would say in a normal world, I lived for Friday’s.  A night I could guarantee we were home with little to do. I could almost promise the kids a movie night with homemade popcorn and snuggles because we had not sports scheduled.  Now…that day has become Saturday.  What a day!

If you can watch these videos and not smile…please decide to not be my friend anymore…you aren’t my people and I don’t want to know you.

So blessed that regardless of the windy day we were able to be outside most of the day. What a blessing!  Gi Gi Jingles woke up early so I decided to let Bryan and the kids sleep and took her on a rosary walk.  I have a friend who recently had a surgery to remove cancer and it was early, quiet and a perfect time to pray a rosary for her and her family.  While I was unhappy about being up so early on a Saturday I was able to offer it up to someone I love and hopefully ease her suffering and that of her family!

The day just kept getting better.  We started on a project to make the playroom a “school house” over Spring Break and Bryan completed the project today.   A full reveal to come…but man does it make me happy!

From there we spent a few hours in the barn. I love to play volleyball with the girls and see them achieve goals that we know are a challenge but that they can absolutely do when they put their mind to it.  Nothing better.  I am always impressed with the boys work ethic. They both want to get better and by the time I got to the barn after cleaning up lunch the boys were dripping in sweat from their hard work!

Then we went on a nearly 2 hour hike. Living out on land the way we do, the original land owners cut out trails that the home owners could enjoy. We started on a trail then got off the beaten path. What a glorious walk! It was protected from the wind and so incredibly beautiful. We had a blast.  From climbing trees, to looking for sea shells in the “river” as Fletchy called it…it was an amazing walk. I am going to apologize in advance for the copious amounts of pictures…but I want to capture these moments where we are all home and spending quality time together.

walk6Fletcher collected 54 snail shells on our walk…and yes, we counted them all!

When we got home we played capture the flag outside and our cousins Hunter and Logan (who live about a mile away) came over.  We played cops and robbers with them, ate a delicious dinner and mommy and daddy enjoyed some laughs with Gaga, Aunt Jenny and Uncle Luke.

We are so grateful for this special time together.  If we did not have this mandatory quarantine we would be rushing from school, to practice and quick to bed before the next day started. While that was “normal” we are quickly learning there is great value in the slow down of life.  I am so grateful for time to hike and play in the yard, to sit on the deck and play tic tac toe and for the many yard games we have invented since this time has come.

Thank you GOD for our family and for this beautiful family. We continue to check in with family and friends that are stationed all over the country. To all our former players…we miss you, love you and are thinking about you and your families.  Please know we are praying for all of you…especially for those of you that are health care workers. You are saints and doing GOD’s work.

May GOD bless you all and keep you safe. Enjoy this beautiful weather and time as a family.  Before you know it…life will be back to the hustle and bustle.

Pictures from our walk…

walk1 So many trees down.  Amazing to see and climb on!walk2

The ultimate tree climber…Cooper Claerhout Dorsey!walk3

The “mountain” we climbed today!


Finley was the first to the top! walk7

A little break in the trail to take a seat!walk8

So many trees to climb on!


If school could happen outside at the “river” every day…I would never have any trouble with Fletcher!  He could not be more “boy!”


Holy cow this kids loves to climb trees!


Perfection!walk12Down by the bridge!  Ellen may be the most easy going child ever to live.


Bryan and the kids. I can honestly say I never dreamed this would be my life.  But I’m so glad it is!


The walk uphill. I was worried we’d have a meltdown…but holy cow, the kids surprised me!

If I could thank GOD for anything it would be time. Time to reflect on what is really important. Time to spend with the people I love most in this whole world…and time to realize that some of the stuff we “worry” about is completely irrelevant to the grand scheme of what really matters. #perspective

Thank you LORD! Stay well my friends!





2 thoughts on “Corona Virus Quarantine Day #12: I love Saturday’s!

  1. Ronda Zillner says:

    Dear Mrs Dorsey, I am so enjoying the tales of your family especially during this quarantine. I would ❤️To enroll in your homeschooling!!
    Your children are so blessed to have you and Bryan as parents. Thank you for sharing your story—the glories and the meltdowns. Real life has them both and everything in between.
    Grateful for your blog!


    • Nancy Dorsey says:

      Ronda, that you for your sweet message. Please call me Nancy 🙂 I am glad someone is enjoying them! It is really helping me and the kids process all of this craziness! Take care and stay safe!


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