Corona Virus Quarantine Day #11 TGIF

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #11: TGIF March 27, 2020

Today our guest writer is our spunky, sweet and beautiful little 8-year-old girl…Fiona Bell Dorsey.

This morning we had the most delicious crepes ever!  Then we started our school day learning about Saint Gianna Molla.  She was very brave and she chose her baby’s life over her own which is amazing.  My favorite thing about our school day today was learning about St. Gianna Molla!  I am working on my specialty project in school too.  I chose the state of New York.  The coolest thing I’ve learned (so far) to do in New York City is to go to art museums.  I like art!

After school we went outside with Gi Gi and played capture the flag.  It is a lot of fun but it is also hard.  Ellen and I are tied with the boys!  Then we went to the barn.  I played pickle ball then I made a tent for myself in the barn and Ellen and I did trust falls.  I do not like the falling part because if they drop you you’d get hurt…but Ellen never dropped me so that’s good!

Then we played wall ball in the barn and that was super fun.  Then it was back outside to play capture the flag.  We have played outside a lot, that makes me so happy.  I love to be outside.  Mommy made a delicious dinner and then we watched a family movie.  Overall I do not like this quarantine situation too much and I’d like it to be over.  I don’t it because it makes people sick and I want everyone to be healthy.  My favorite thing about being stuck at home is that I get to spend time with my family.  Today I am thankful for the barn and Gi Gi and my siblings.  We are having a lot of fun playing together!

Love, Fiona

I think we can all have a collective hell yes….it’s Friday.  That means for all of us parents homeschooling…no school tomorrow.   I for one, am excited!  What a crazy time we are living in!  Today I had to make a trip out to get necessities.  We are running low on everything and with eight people in the house, we run out faster than normal.

I decided to try CostCo as a friend told me that it was a pretty well ran machine over there.  I was really impressed with their service…and there were very few people there.  They handed you a sanitized cart upon arrival and made sure to keep everyone apart while checking out.  Only every other line is open and they only allow one person in the line at a time.  It’s pretty amazing!  There is still no toilet paper anywhere.  I am sad to think that people are hoarding things like that and now we can only buy one of everything.  Like eggs for example.  For a family of 8 and only one carton of eggs isn’t going to last too long.

With my mom in the house we have to be very careful about what comes into our house.  Whenever I go to the store, which is as little as possible I sanitize everything before it comes into our house.  Then I strip down and wash my clothes, take a shower and sanitize the doorknobs, countertops and anything I came in contact with.  I simply cannot understand people who aren’t taking this seriously and don’t stay home unless they absolutely have to be out.  I pray that we find a way to make this horrible virus disappear.  If nothing else, the Dorsey’s will do their part in social distancing and trying to stay healthy.

I’m also happy to report that today was a much better day than yesterday.  Fletcher must have told me “I’m being a good boy today Mommy” about 100 times.  While I agreed, I reminded him that being good for one day does not eliminate the way he behaved the previous day.

Today in school we learned about St. Gianna Molla and they seemed to like learning about a saint.  Fletcher did not like that she died, he just kept telling me “that is so sad”.  Today I decided that me and only me would be responsible for Fletcher and that seemed to be a better strategy…at least for one day (I’ll keep you posted on this 🙂

We also did our daily workout.  I have always loved to workout, it’s my stress release and now I hope to share this love with our kids and hope it brings them the same joy!

yogaEllen doing her yoga!

For sure the highlight of his day was getting to talk to his pre-school teacher today…Miss Megan and oh my word how his face lit up when he saw her.   He told her he loved her about 10 times and asked her if she could come to his house for a sleep over.  He then proceeded to explain to her that he has a big bed in his room so there is plenty of room.  I. about. Died.  Miss Megan thought it was pretty cute!  I would just like to say for the record that I’m gonna watch this one…extra close. He’s gonna give me gray hair…for sure!

I’m so grateful for the weather.  The sun and being able to be outside is a GOD send.  The kids literally have been outside like 6 hours a day.  They invented their own little capture the flag game that keeps them busy and they love so much.  The highlight of my day was watching Cooper and Daddy play baseball with Fletcher.  Fletcher has shown a limited interest in sports so far but he played baseball with his dad and brother for close to 2 hours today.  When he went to bed tonight he told me he was going to play “all day” tomorrow.

If one positive thing comes from all of this, I am hopeful that families all over the world learn a deep appreciation for each other.  The kids have written in their gratitude journals each night that they are thankful for their siblings.  Praise the LORD.  I know that I am grateful for each and every one of them and watching them spend all this time together and enjoy it…is the best.

Another highlight of my day.  For one of her letters today, Fiona wrote to me.  Her letter writing ability is so amazing.  Someone once told me that as a mom if we could see ourselves the way our kids did…we’d never think we weren’t crushing it.  This letter was a reminder of that!

Cooper picking out his state for the state project.  One of Fletcher’s stations today…Creation Station.  He had all his “guys” out and made up a story.  It was quite a story.

Enjoy your weekend!



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