Corona Virus Quarantine Day #10: Perspective

Day #10 Corona Virus Quarantine March 26, 2020

Today our guest writer is Cooper Dorsey.  Cooper is 9 years old, in 4th grade and has the sweetest heart of all times!

For breakfast I had toast and strawberries.  Mommy to work today, teaching on the computer.  So we started our day inside reading, then we played capture the flag and had board game battles.  After that we had school.  I did IXL Math, IXL Reading and my specially project.  Then Fletcher had an epic meltdown that was not fun…so we took a break from school and went outside with Gi Gi.

We played capture the flag again for like 2 hours, it was great.  Finley and I were really great at it.  Our spot right now is under the front porch and the girls will never find it.  The score was 7-5 us.  Later we went on a family bike ride.  I rode my roller blades.  I was really fast.  When we got home we played outside more and played on the swings.  Then we played capture the flag again!  Finley and I won again.  We even ate dinner outside, we ate leftover lasagna that I made yesterday, cantaloupe and corn.  It was a really good dinner.  I had a monster cookie for dessert, which I also made…it was amazing.

Then we marked all the states we’ve been to, so far we’ve been to 9 states.  I hope when this corona virus is over we can visit more states. I want to go to South Dakota and see the big mountain with the president’s heads on it.  To finish the night, I played Football card war with Daddy and we tied.

Homeschool is going fine, I like it.  I miss having specials, not seeing my teachers or friends.  But having school at home is nice because we have less homework and we can see our family more.  I do not like the corona virus because you cannot go anywhere and people are getting sick.  I am thankful today for my mom, dad, my bed, my siblings, warm weather, food, water, clothes and Jesus.

Love, Cooper

Mommy’s thoughts on the day:

Gonna have to be honest with my peeps today….today. was. a. struggle. The kind of struggle where I’m driving the bus…not a passenger in it. Let’s just say there were some meltdowns, one major one in particular from a certain blonde hair blue eyed almost 5-year-old that made me want to walk off the job and school got cancelled for the day.

I started teaching my students today.  I was so excited to see my kids, even if it was from a computer screen.  I’m not sure what my expectations were but the experience definitely fell flat.  I felt like I was in a room full of hundreds of people, all staring at me and I was talking but no one was talking back.  It felt…lonely.  I love my job and right now I’m grateful to have one…but I am not cut out for virtual teaching.  I loathed the experience.  Now, it was day one…and I know it will get better…but it was hard not to be discouraged.  Not to mention, I am homeschooling 5 kids all while trying to work, keep kids out of the office so Bryan can be on his calls, making all the meals, cleaning, taking the dog on 7 walks a day etc etc.  This is not a complaint…simply just the facts.  And today…the facts got me down.  In a major way.

But isn’t it funny how perspective comes and kind of washes over you and snaps you back to reality?  It did for me on many levels today.  First, one of our friends, the Macan’s have a son who is immune compromised.  So much so that the illness he has…no other person is known to have.  This disease would kill him.  Carolyn lives with the daily fear of this hideous virus and sees people treating it as an inconvenience or complaining about it online.  For her…this is a very real, very scary reality and us staying home with our children and staying out of public places could literally save her sons life.  This was her final post today, along with an article about a woman, a health care provider, who died from the corona virus.

“I am not posting anymore after this. I can’t. It’s so stressful, I can’t sleep, I worry all day everyday it’s consuming me. I wake up making sure my son is breathing, I Check is temp 100 times a day, along with every one else in my house. For the love don’t do it for yourself do it for your neighbor, for your parents, for your friends, for the healthcare People, just for once put someone else first. I get 97% of you who read this could give 2 shits about my child and if he survives. But what if it was your child… would you stay home? Ask yourself that. #imdone

I think that about sums it up…Perspective.  Please say a prayer for my friend and her family.

The second slam over the head was a text from a dear friend asking me to post a video to promote Braden’s Hope and to spread hope during a time where people aren’t sure they have a lot of it hanging around.  And I was reminded…families that have a child with cancer are beyond immune compromised.  They now not only have the real fear of their child’s diagnosis but on top of that a deadly virus that could complicate their treatment or even kill them.  Sobering.  Again…perspective.

So…while I’ve not had my favorite day ever and my son became Satan for a hot second today…I cannot complain.

I watched my kids help each other during the part of the school day we did accomplish today!  The sun was shining.  The eat outside index was at an all time high.  I was able to exercise with my family today.  I talked with friends/colleagues on zoom today.  I saw my students for the first time in weeks.  I have a job. I live in the country away from people and business.  I went on at least 5 walks with Gi Gi today and goodness gracious is she cute.  I have five beautiful children and a husband I adore.  I now…have perspective.

FletcherDogsIf only he was as nice to me as he was to the dogs today 🙂MooseandGi

Moose man and his dog!FiMooseFinley helping Fiona!

Gi2Her face…I can’t!

Eatoutsideindex Our crew eating outside

The kids played some crazy swing game for like 45 minutes 🙂  It was the best medicine to hear them laugh.

I will leave you with this meme I saw on a former player’s page today (she’s now a parent too).  It hit me like a ton of bricks.


So I’ll be here in a less than amazing mood but holding onto this perspective that I don’t need to be perfect…I just have to be present.  I need to be present and enjoy this mandated slow down and not take one single second of it for granted.




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