Corona Virus Quarantine Day #7

Day #7 Corona Day Virus Lock Down

March 23, 2020

Today our guest writer is Fiona Bell Dorsey.  Our beautiful, smart, sassy 8-year old daughter.

Today we ate bagels and Nutella and fruit for breakfast.  It was good.  Then we had our first day of Homeschool.  It was fun.  I liked working on the specialty project best.  I picked the state of New York.  I have to make a presentation and show it to my new classmates…my siblings!  We hope that when this virus goes away we can visit these places we have studied.

schoolschedule School schedule for the day!

After school we had PE/exercise class.  It was difficult but fun.  My favorite exercise was the yoga pose, the child’s pose.  My least favorite exercise was squats.  Then we had lunch, took Gi Gi for a walk and went to the barn.

In the barn I played volleyball with Mommy and Ellen.  Then I played pickle ball.  The teams were Mommy and Fiona vs. Cooper and Finley.  The boys won, Cooper is super good.  Daddy and the triplets were moving mulch and I was in charge of Gi Gi. So we ran around a lot and I tried to tire her out.  She made me tired too!  Then I went inside and took a shower and watched a little Frozen 2 with Fletcher before dinner.

For dinner we had ham, potatoes it was delicious.  I got to pick the movie tonight, it was called Eddie and his one million dollar cook off.  It was a good movie. This quarantine we are in is terrible, I don’t like corona virus.  I don’t like it because I want all people to be healthy.  I am thankful for our house, our barn so we have a place to play, food, water, our new puppy Gi Gi so we can play with her, Mommy and Daddy and my siblings.  We are lucky to have so much much space to do lots of things.  My favorite things we’ve done so far is all the cooking we’ve done with Mommy, especially the desserts, making s’mores and playing Charades as family, and painting canvases and playing with Gi Gi.

Love, Fiona

Today we officially started homeschool.  I haven’t started teaching my classes yet so I know this is about to get harder.  To say this was an easy day would be untrue.  I am hopeful that we will get comfortable in our new normal once we hit a rhythm of some kind.  My toughest students are by far my youngest two.  Fiona told me how to do my job today which was fun.  I had to explain to her that I have been teaching nearly 20 years and that I know how to write a proper paragraph.  Fletcher likes to pretend he doesn’t know how to do things, which is equally awesome.  So I will learn what battles to fight and which ones to ignore.  Other than that it went pretty smoothly.  We worked 6 stations, 20 minutes a station.  So they all did math, reading, specialty (either a project they had in school or they are starting a state’s project), letter writing, reading comprehension and Fletcher.  Yes, you read that right, Fletcher is a station.  I thought what better way to teach my children patience then to give them a 20-minute session where they were responsible for helping to teach Fletcher.  For the most part he enjoyed their help…he gave Ellen the most trouble.

Fletcher read his first book all by himself today.  It was pretty awesome and he was so proud of himself.

The highlight of the morning for me was their letters.  It was fun to see who they wrote to and what they said.


Fletcher’s letter to Zeke, his cousin, was my all time favorite.  He is a challenge sometimes but he has such a loving heart.  His ability to tell people he loves them and really mean it is so sweet.  His heart is going to be huge when he gets older.


After school we did a family work out. Our workouts has been super fun as I love exercise but it’s been very cool to see how much they get into it. After lunch we walked Gi Gi then all of us, including the dog went to the barn.  Cooper crushed me in pickle ball, like actually.  I was putting forth my best effort and my 9-year-old son legitimately beat me.  Not sure if I should be impressed or embarrassed…maybe both.

Bryan worked from his home office and is now mulching our yard with the kids…so they are getting a lesson in agriculture and hard work today as well.

Fletcher likes to climb on the mulch a little more than he likes helping.  Had to scrub him for 30 minutes to get the mulch and dirt off his feet.


Cooper, Finley and Ellen are good helpers though.  Each child wrote goals for the day and it’s been fun watching them reach them.  I am going to pray for patience.  As I know I need an abundance of it during these times.  I’m grateful for my family and their continued health and for all this time we get to spend together.

Stay well my friends!  Love and prayers to you all!



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