Corona Virus Quarantine Day #6

Corona Virus Day 6: March 22, 2020

Making Lemon Meringue Pie.

Today we attended mass on our computer with our pastor Father Pat Sullivan.  While it was certainly different, (and for me, emotional…not surprising I know) than our regular row at Sacred Heart there was something special about having the LORD enter our family room and for all of us to be there together during this uncertain time.  A few things remained the same…especially that of Fletcher being a giant distraction.  Father Pat gave a beautiful homily about the gospel but also about taking this time we have been given and making the most of it.  Instead of making lemonade, which is good, make lemon meringue pie, which is infinitely better.

When the announcement was made that school was done for the year I wrote a post (that I didn’t post) that was full of uncertainty, anxiety and a touch of anger.  I also decided that day that as a history teacher we are actually living history.  Unprecedented history.  Nothing quite like this has ever happened before.  Ever.  So, in light of that, I am cataloging our days at home together in quarantine or as our kids call it “lock down”.  I decided that each day a different child would recall the day through their eyes.  I will make edits at the end.  I wasn’t going to post them daily but I changed my mind (I’ll post the others tomorrow).  I am hopeful that our very own primary source will hold me accountable to keep this up and it will remind me and our children to be grateful for all that we have during this dark time.  I am hopeful that in 5, 10, even 20  years we will read these posts and look back at this scary time and smile at the fun we had and how we made some pretty darn good lemon meringue pie out of these lemons we’ve been served.

Today Cooper is our guest writer.  Cooper is our handsome, fun, super caring 9-year-old boy.

Before breakfast this morning I played football card war with Daddy.  Football Cards War is fun; I am beating him by a lot.  Basically to win your player has to be better than the other person’s player.  So far I have better cards.  Then we ate a huge breakfast, we had sausage, bacon and egg sandwiches.  It was really good.

After breakfast we I played with Gi Gi and ran around with her.  Then we went to mass on the computer.  It was cool to watch it on the computer.  Father Pat did a good job.  After that we watched the throwback of the KU National Championship of 2008 where we went into overtime on a buzzer beater 3-point shot!  Then we won the title.  It was an exciting game!

KU Basketball

After that Mommy helped us all paint a canvas.  I painted a “15 Mahomes” canvas, he was the MVP of the Super Bowl.  We won the Super Bowl this year because we were the best team ever.  It was so fun.  Finley painted a Bulls logo, Ellen painted a fat cheeked bunny and an Easter egg, Fiona painted aloha with some flowers and birds and Fletcher painted a lady bug Easter egg and a rainbow canvas.  It was fun I hope we do it again.

After we painted we went outside and I played hockey. I scored a lot of goals. When I hit it, I hit it so hard I broke one of the balls.  I had a goal it was awesome, I had a lot of fun.  Then I went to help Fletcher dig in the mud because he thinks he’s getting a garden for his birthday in a week.  After that I went to the barn and played pickle ball and Ellen made up a game with the cones and a volleyball.  It was fun!

FletcherDirt The picture doesn’t do him justice…the dirt was caked onto him.  His pants were ruined…his nails not clean!

Mommy and Daddy made an amazing dinner of hamburgers, Gaga beans and fruit!  I had a triple chocolate cookie with a scoop of ice cream for dessert, it was amazing.  After dinner we watched American Idol and face timed our friends the Carpenter’s.  Daddy and I also played more Football War.  Then I got out my Chiefs book and I am putting all the games into my Chiefs notebook.

This quarantine business is not my favorite because we cannot go anywhere.  But I am having a lot of fun at home.  My favorite part of being home with my family is to cook, play at the barn with my family, playing hockey, watching movies together, decorating our new playroom and playing with Gi Gi.  I am thankful for my mom and dad, our house, Gaga, Gi Gi, Zoey, Cutie Pie, grass, trees, our play set, all the presents I got for Christmas, our barn and my siblings to play with.

Love, Cooper

As this day comes to a close a few things I’ve learned or was reminded of today.

I am so grateful that our kids can entertain themselves.  Tonight we were watching American Idol and Fletcher just wasn’t into it but rather than complain he went and built a tower with blocks.  While he isn’t always this way, I was so happy he was today.


I never considered myself good at art, still don’t in fact, but I have found that I love to do it.  It’s therapeutic, calming, and all my kids like it too, so I am also so thankful for that.  I will never need to by a piece of art work for their walls again because they want to paint everyday.

Paintday Cooper looks insane in this photo 🙂

Fiona decided she was going to write each member of her family a note so they know how she feels about them.  Tonight she wrote to Finley.  I will attach a picture of her letter here.  This girl challenges me sometimes but oh my goodness her sweet heart.  Only 8 years old and can write like a champ.  Can’t wait to see the next one.

FionaLettertoFinI am so grateful for this time together as a family.  While it certainly has its challenges and tomorrow starts the official Mommy is my teacher business…I remain grateful for the 7 people that live in this house with me and all this extra time we have together.

Until tomorrow my friends, stay safe and healthy.

Trains Early morning train making…love how the bigs help the little.



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