I Hope You Dance

I hope you dance…..

Sometimes as a mom you get stuck in the pragmatic way of thinking.  Some of the words used to describe pragmatic include no nonsense, business like, sensible, matter of fact and practical.  Yep, that sounds like me as a mom. Last week I had a very pragmatic moment as a mom.  We were playing a casual game of baseball outside after dinner when it started to rain.  The mom in me wanted to scream “run for it” so that the 5 small children that I bathed just the night before wouldn’t get soaking wet in the gross rain and necessitate another bath. For those of you that have children you know what I’m talking about.  If we can stretch a bath out for two days…we make that happen…Every. Single. Time. However, our 2 year-old reminded me why pragmatism is sometimes, well, not awesome.

As we scattered to pick up the 2,400 toys we had taken out throughout the day to save them from the pop up shower, Fletcher simply stood in the driveway, with no shoes on his feet and yelled “rain, rainy” with the most joy in his voice (you can see for yourself in the video below).  He was so happy to be standing on the driveway with his big sisters dancing in the rain.

This video doesn’t exist

So, in that moment, on that day, rather than crush the awesome that I witnessed my 2 year-old display with his 5 and 7 year-old sisters I pulled out my cell phone which I had shoved in my sports bra to save from said pop up shower and I captured the memory I hoped I could use as a reminder of the day when my children, showed me the awesome.

As I watched it made me think of the song, I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack.  Call me cheesy, but I love this song.

Kids embody the lyrics of “I hope you never lose your sense of wonder, get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger”.  On that night, Fletcher, Ellen and Fiona showed me just that, their sense of wonder.  Children don’t worry about practical things like getting dirty or that opening your mouth and drinking rain might be ill advised (Ellen totally did that…see below), instead they see the wonder in the “beautiful sky” as Fiona put it and the fun of dancing in the rain after a long day at play.  Kids see the moment and they seize it.  Us adults are lucky if we let the moment sweep us in and realize sometimes you just need to say screw it, throw caution to the wind and dance in the rain.

This video doesn’t exist

DoubleRainbow That night ended with a double rainbow and Bryan and I getting the kids out of bed to do some more dancing in the rain.




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