Kids These Days

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of people feel very disconnected from kids these days. Whether it’s because they have their noses in their phones most of the time or because we are just getting older and they seem to be getting younger, the bottom line is…we have concerns. As a teacher and coach we see a lot of, let’s say interesting and puzzling things that make us question the future of our great nation if left in the hands of these people. But…today my #celebr8awesome is about a 16-year-old boy who rocked the awesome so hard it made me cry. He serves as a reminder that kids these days are awesome and amazing and that we adults can learn a thing or two from them from time to time.

So a little context to this story…As a teacher, every single year I write my kids a card at the end of the year and include in it a list of my “lessons to live by”. This year, like any other I’ve been teaching, I did the same. I had this incredible class this semester and for the first time in awhile these letters were very easy to write. At any rate, I don’t write them to get letters in return. I write them for two reasons; 1. I believe in the power of hand written notes. I have ones that were written to me 25 years ago. 2. I believe as a teacher and coach we have a responsibility to teach young people to have confidence and how to look in the mirror and see what the rest of the world sees. I am passionate about both of these reasons.

This year I wrote my letters as I always do and this year, this day, one of my students wrote me a note back. He must have casually slipped in my room and dropped it on the edge of my desk on top of the final he just completed because I almost didn’t see it.

Thank GOD I did. What a gift! This young man wrote me a hand written note and I won’t share it all with you, but I will share this line which I have read at least a dozen times today:

“You are such an inspiring person, and you always make everyone’s day a little bit better with your happiness that constantly radiates from your smile!”


Yes, a 16-year-old boy had the courage to put that beautiful, thoughtful message on a note and give it to his high school history teacher. So folks, let’s celebrate the awesome in this young man’s heart. Let’s celebrate the awesome in this young man’s confidence. Let’s celebrate the awesome that this note brought into my life today! Let’s celebrate this young man’s parents, who obviously instilled this awesome in him, because let’s be honest, if you are a parent, you know that gratitude is something that is taught!

My friends, let’s let this young man’s awesomeness be an example to all of us that when someone brightens your day or makes you smile or goes out of their way to help you…take the time to write in on a card, sticky note or piece of loose leaf and send it their way. It will definitely make their day. It may even change their life!


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2 thoughts on “Kids These Days

  1. Matty Benkofske says:

    Nancy, thank you for sharing this. For those of us who are not raising children, I am dependent on people like yourself to keep me informed and more importantly, in touch with the next generation.


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